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Camazotz - Oaxacan Rum

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“Camazotz” is a hand-made raw sugar cane rum produced in the easter highlands of Oaxaca, Mexico.

It’s the combination of family tradition, ancestral distilling techniques, and the region’s terroir that make Camazotz rum a rare elixir.

“A spirit true to its raw ingredients; vegetal, sweet, and complex from the first sip”.

Camaztotz shares a similar heritage to Agricole and Cachaca-style rums, being very expressive of its raw ingredient - sugar cane. With nothing added or time away, it’s true to its Oaxacan aguardiente heritage.

Tasting notes

The liquid is clear in the glass with a beautifully expressive aroma, driven by its terroir. Moody sweet and full of fresh sugar cane, vegetable grassy notes and woody tones. Long saline finish.

750ml / NY, 750ml / VI

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The legend of CAMAZOTZ originated deep in Mexican history as a dangerous cave-dwelling bat creature. A cult following for the creature began amongst the Zapotec Indians of Oaxaca, Mexico. The Zapotecs associated bats with death and the night as they were found inhabiting the caves which ancient Mesoamericans believed was a path to the underworld. This cult spread throughout Mexico in the following years with Camazotz being depicted as far away as in Mayan Temples. Many people also believe Batman was based on the Camazotz legend. 


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Our Oaxacan Rum

Made by Maestro Leoncio Gaspar at the family distillery in the Sierra Mixe, approximately 5 hours North East from the capital and locally known as Agardiente de Caña, the juice of the sugar cane, grown by the family in the surrounding hills, without pesticides, is raw pressed b hand, then fermented in open barrels using only wild airborne yeasts. Double distilled to proof in small batches of up to 300 ltrs using a traditional alembic copper pot still, the liquid is transported by mules 5 km up the mountainside ready for collection. Bottled at 48 abv, un-aged with no additional ingredients, the resulting rum is expressive from the first sip.

The Oaxa-Quiri

Traditionally Aguardiente is sipped neat at ambient temperature, but it can also be used for cocktails! Try our Oaxa-Quiri recipe:
25ml Camazotz Oaxacan Rum
25ml Dehydrated banana infused Quiquiriqui Espadin Mezcal
20ml Piloncillo+canela syrup
25ml fresh Lime juice

Shake and fine strain into small coupe glass.
Garnish with dehydrated banana chips.

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