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Introducing The TIPXY Awards

Introducing The TIPXY Awards

Drum roll please….

TIPXY has launched their very first annual TIPXY Awards, a competition for the small batch & craft spirits industry. Each product was judged for excellence in their liquor category by a panel of skilled craft spirit experts.

The TIPXY Awards Competition is in line with TIPXY's overall philosophies of adventure, uniquenessness, and the importance of small craft businesses in a highly commercialized industry. The TIPXY Awards focuses on craft spirits, allowing for smaller brands to gain exposure and be rated, and at the same time introduced to consumers who likely won’t find these high quality bottles of craft and small batch spirits in their local liquor stores. 

The carefully selected award winning bottles of the TIPXY Awards Competition don't only receive a neck hanging award on the bottle, but are also awarded with guaranteed placement on TIPXY’S platform. This placement includes email marketing, social media coverage, and digital award medals to be used on their product images and any other promotional materials, helping further the TIPXY ideology of getting craft spirits out there so that everyone can sip something new.

Excited about the launch of this competition, Founder & CEO, Mayer Koenig, states, “TIPXY Awards finally allows the smaller craft distilleries and brands to stand toe-to-toe with the conglomerates and get their products ranked, rated and gain additional exposure. It was important for us to create a competition to focus and award smaller distillers and brands because there hasn’t been enough in the past."

2023 winners include:


Double Gold - Vitae Smoked Rum

Gold - Rockhopper Rum

Value Pick - Sweet Crude - American Made French Style Rum


Double Gold - Freeland Geneva Gin

Gold - FAIR - Juniper Gin

Value Pick - Crater Lake Spirits Prohibition Gin


Double Gold - Aberfeldy - 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch

Gold - Mythology Hell Bear American Whiskey

Value Pick - Red Earl Irish Whiskey


Double Gold - Laneta Reposado Tequila

Gold - Tequila Tromba Anejo 

Value Pick - Butterfly Cannon Rosa Tequila 


Double Gold - Boondocks Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Port Barrels

Gold - Yellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey

Value Pick - John Emerald Double Oak Bourbon


Double Gold - Mary White Belgium Vodka

Gold - Dented Brick Roofraiser Vodka

Value Pick - LVOV


Double Gold - BasBas - Hierbas from Ibiza Herbal Spirit

Gold - Casa D'Aristi - Kalani Coconut Liqueur

Value Pick - Villa Massa Limoncello Liqueur


Double Gold - Camus Malik VSOP Cognac

Gold - Bailoni Original - Gold Apricot Brandy


Double Gold - Guerra Seca Sotol

Gold - Santo Pēcado Bacanora Joven 

Value Pick - ​​Buen Bicho Mezcal Joven

Excited for the start of this award, TIPXY plans to expand it in 2024 and award winners will receive even more if selected. In addition to the 2023 award package, winners will also get premium recognition on the website’s homepage, inclusion in TIPXY’S Holiday Sampler Pack launching this holiday season, and 25% off yearly manufacturer fees.

At $99 per product, submissions for 2024’s competition will open starting January 2024

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