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Our Top 2 Craft Black-Owned Spirit Brand Picks Juneteenth 2023

Our Top 2 Craft Black-Owned Spirit Brand Picks Juneteenth 2023

When is Juneteenth?

Juneteenth is a national holiday occurring on June 19th every year, and provides an opportunity to celebrate African American heritage and commemorate the emancipation of enslaved African Americans.

Why June 19th?

On June 19, 1865, troops came to Galveston Bay, Texas bearing news of freedom for those still enduring slavery, despite Abraham Lincoln having recited the Emancipation Proclamation more than two years earlier. 

Juneteenth has been celebrated by African Americans for decades before it was declared a federal holiday in 2021; it is a time for all Americans to celebrate Black American history and and pledge to work towards the abolishment of racial inequity in all forms. 

Where Does The Alcohol Come In?

Check out our top 2 small batch black-owned spirit brand picks if you're looking for that perfect Juneteenth bottle to support small black businesses in a true celebratory style! 

right image

1. Equiano Rum

The world's first African and Caribbean blended rum, Equiano Rum is an all natural dark rum with tasting notes of warm toffee, butterscotch, raisins, and brown sugar. 

Why Drink Equiano Rum on Juneteenth?

In addition to being a black owned business, Equiano's name itself stems from the fight for freedom culminating in Juneteenth's victory for enslaved African Americans and the company donates a significant percentage of its profit to organizations supporting freedom and equality. 

Olaudah Equiano, African writer and freedom fighter

Olaudah Equiano, one of the first published African authors, was a freedom fighter in the 1700s who was able to pay for his own freedom by selling rum.

Olaudah Equiano served as a symbol and active participant in creating a slavery free world of equity and freedom, through his legacy, actions, and memoirs, and Equiano Rum co-founders aim for their rum brand to embody that same fight for justice in modern times.

Ian Burrell, Global Rum Ambassador and Equiano Rum Co-founder, Is ‘Edu-taining’ His Way to Racial Equity in Rum

Ian Burrel, co-founder of Equiano Rum and Global Rum Ambassador, mixing a rum cocktail.

Not only is Equiano Rum a symbol of the fight for racial justice and freedom for all, but they also donate 5% of company profits to "ground level freedom and equality projects, every year" and $2 for every bottle sold goes straight into the Equiano Rum Co Foundation Grant, which has been helping support the oldest human rights organization, Anti-Slavery International. 

Buy Equiano Rum at here, and celebrate Juneteenth the right way!

 Juneteenth acquired taste cognac V.S. with glass and black and white person behind it.

2. Acquired Taste Cognac V.S. 

Aged in French limousin oak barrels for 2 years, Acquired Taste Cognac V.S. is a beautiful golden color, made from carefully selected Ugni Blanc and colombard grapes. Tastings notes of oak, vanilla and raisin, along with zero additives, unique grape selection, and an exceptionally smooth finish are what set Acquire Taste Cognac out from the crowd. 

Why Drink Acquired Taste Cognac On Juneteenth?

Founders Stephanie and Charles Mingo started Acquired Taste Cognac by following their personal philosophy: "Own what you create." Stephanie and Charles were inspired by their African American and Native American roots, and by the political and human rights legacy that their ancestors fought for. The Mingos come from people who "freed themselves from slavery, owned their own land, and created family businesses," and their goal is to draw on their history, work hard, and create the same success.

 Charles and Stephanie Mingo, co-founders of Acquired Taste Cognac.

Stephanie and Charles state that they "understand the challenges our ancestors must have faced in creating their own businesses. We also understand that some of those same challenges exist today." The Mingos make it their job to work hard and create a name for themselves as a Black-owned craft spirit cognac brand among the mostly white and highly commercialized and competitive spirit industry. 

Blending the Juneteenth messages of celebrating a historical victory for African American freedom and working towards future success and equality for modern day African Americans, Acquired Taste Cognac V.S. is a great choice for that perfect Juneteenth sip. 

Buy Acquired Taste Cognac V.S. at here, and celebrate Juneteenth in style! logo

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