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National Bourbon Day: When It Is, What It Is, And What To Drink

National Bourbon Day: When It Is, What It Is, And What To Drink

National Bourbon Day is one of those holidays you'll wish you'd been celebrating your whole life, but have no fear- it's not too late!

Learn when National Bourbon Day is, why it became a thing, and which craft bourbons will allow you to explore the genre of bourbon to its fullest. 

When is National Bourbon Day?  

World Bourbon Day is easy to remember, because it's on June 14 every single year. Why June 14th, you ask? Well, legend has it that June 14th is the birthday of the first time bourbon was distilled in America in the 1700s. 

national bourbon day history: man and bourbon barrels

Cool, But What's National Bourbon Day Actually About? 

National Bourbon Day, in essence, is an opportunity to drink a glass with a friend or a few and learn about the origins of bourbon and what makes it unique. Bourbon is the official spirit of America and naturally needs a day of recognition. 

The popular whiskey category began as a result of true early American creativity and innovation. Immigrants in the late 1700s came to Kentucky and had a surplus of corn crops, resulting in distilling and aging the original corn based whiskey which then turned into what we know as bourbon today. 

national bourbon day history

What Makes Bourbon Bourbon? 

Why is bourbon anything special, you ask? Well, bourbon is a type of whiskey, although all whiskeys are certainly not bourbons. In order to qualify as bourbon, a whiskey mash bill, (aka whiskey recipe) needs to be at least 51% corn, be aged in un-used charred oak barrels for at least two years, and both be distilled and barreled at specific levels of alcohol by volume. 

Since Congress being declared the Native Spirit of America in 1964, bourbon must be made in America in order to be called bourbon. While technically bourbon can be made anywhere in the United States, a large majority of bourbon is made in Kentucky, the bourbon capital of the world where it all started. 

How To Celebrate National Bourbon Day 2023

There's no one right way to enjoy National Bourbon Day! Invite some guests over for a glass of bourbon or a bourbon cocktail, test yourself on bourbon trivia facts, or have a tasting party and sample some craft or small batch bourbons. You can't go wrong on National Bourbon Day! 

What To Drink On National Bourbon Day 2023

It's always a tough question in times like these. You want a good bottle to celebrate the day, but the adventurous spirit in you wants to try something new and different, and you also don't want to break the bank. 

We have some suggestions for you! All craft, artisanal, or small batch bourbons, these 5 bourbon whiskey bottles are high quality, unique, and not too pricey.

 1. Boondocks ($61.99)

A 90 proof bottle, Boondocks Straight Bourbon Whiskey is finished in port barrels and is known for its balanced, fruity, and robust nature. Boondocks Bourbon tasting notes and aromas include raisins, vanilla, a hint of smoke. There's an oaky but not tannic sweet and spicy mouthfeel with a long, smooth, and enjoyable finish.

freeland spirits bourbon bottle on a table with a glass and oranges nearby

2. Freeland Spirits ($50.99)

The 92 proof Freeland Spirits Bourbon is actually made in Oregon, and is aged a second time in Elk Cove Pinot Noir barrels for some additional local flavor. Exceedingly smooth, Freeland Spirits Bourbon Whiskey contains subtle tasting notes of caramel, vanilla, baked berries, cocoa, and spice that seep into the bourbon from the charred American oak barrels.

3. Yellow Rose ($49.99)

The 92 proof small batch Yellow Rose Harris County Straight Bourbon Whiskey contains Texas grown grains and is hand-made, distilled, and aged in Houston. Tasting notes include brown sugar, cinnamon, allspice, pecan pie, toasted coconut, black tea, and peanuts. All together, Yellow Rose Harris County Bourbon tastes like Texas. This craft bottle is a nice change from classic Kentucky style bourbon. 

 4. Coit ($42.99) 

The 94 proof award-winning Coit Hi Rye 4 Grain Indiana Straight Bourbon Whiskey includes only locally sourced grains and is made start to finish in Indiana. The Coit Bourbon has a complex and fruity grain flavor and aroma, along with a hint of oak from the lightly charred barrels. The corn and barley lend the bourbon a natural sweetness, and the wheat helps the tasting notes and aromas shine. 

Bourbon subscription box craft Bourbon national bourbon day

5. Bourbon Subscription Box ($173-$189)

 If these are all looking good, or you're feeling as though one bottle just doesn't do National Bourbon Day justice - the Tipxy Flight Club Bourbon Subscription Box may be for you. Subscribe and receive a full size craft bottle of bourbon every month or three bottles every three months! Say yes to the adventurous spirit inside of you, and sip something new every month in a long term celebration of the National American Spirit: Bourbon Whiskey.

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