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Best Booze To Buy For Father's Day 2023

Best Booze To Buy For Father's Day 2023

It's that time of year again; Father's Day is on its way and it's time to decide what to gift dad. Every dad is different, but a nice bottle of booze rarely disappoints. Check out the TIPXY list of Father's Day gift ideas to show dad how much you love him with a bottle that's really in the spirit of the day!

Father's Day Gift Ideas- The Alcoholic Edition

camus vsop cognac limited edition fathers day gift

CAMUS VSOP Cognac- Limited Edition by Nick Low

The CAMUS VSOP Cognac is a bright and beautiful Father's Day gift buy, adding an artistic and meaningful element to an otherwise classic gift.

Harlem based artist Nick Low designed the Harlem urban nightlife scene bottle in collaboration with CAMUS, with the intent of celebrating the intersections of culture, tradition, and modern innovation through an explosion of color and unique cognac flavor.

camus cognac vsop harlem Father's Day gift ideas alcohol

Tasting Notes and Aromas

The CAMUS VSOP is an aromatic floral cognac, with smooth, sophisticated, and deep tasting notes of tropical fruit, citrus blossoms, and white flowers, along with hints of spice and vanilla. Profound tannins and fresh notes of tropical fruit are balanced on the nose, followed by lavish floral tones. 

CAMUS VSOP Limited Edition by Nick Low can be bought online here at for only $64.99, with free shipping on orders above $99.

TIPXY Flight Club Subscription Box Whiskey Tequila Vodka Gin Bourbon

TIPXY Flight Club Subscription Box

There's no better gift for dad than the gift that keeps on giving: a custom category craft spirits subscription box! The TIPXY Flight Club Subscription Box is awesome, enabling you to choose your liquor category (Whiskey, Bourbon, Gin, Tequila, Rum, and Vodka) as well as whether you want your box to come quarterly or monthly. TIPXY boxes set themselves apart by focusing on highly rated craft brands, making a subscription the ideal Father's Day gift for a dad who has an adventurous spirit!

A TIPXY Flight Club Unboxing With Chamia

For a clearer picture of what's included in the TIPXY subscription box and how it works, check out this video of Chamia Amari opening up her TIPXY Flight Club Subscription Box:

Sign up here and give your dad the gift of joining the TIPXY Flight Club! It's only $189 a year with a new bottle delivered monthly, or $171 a year with three exciting craft bottles delivered quarterly. For more information, scroll down to the FAQ section here.

bottom banner imageYamato - Armor Takeda Edition Japanese Whisky

A small batch Japanese Whisky brand, Yamato is known for their unique bottles and aligning with the soft, smooth, and high quality flavor profile of the traditional Japanese public.

The Yamato Armor Takeda Edition of this Japanese Whisky features a bottle shaped like the historical samurai armor from the early 1300-1500s, imbuing every aspect of the beautifully light and silky whisky with Japanese culture and heritage. 

Yamato Armor Takeda Japanese Whisky Fathers Day Gifts

Tasting Notes and Aromas

Yamato Armor Takeda Edition is a softer, smoother, and less smokey version of Japanese Whisky, with fruits and vanilla on the palate and a sleek smooth finish.

The high end collector's Yamato - Armor Takeda Edition Japanese Whisky can be bought online here at for only $203.99 and free shipping.

h derringer bourbon gift set fathers day gifts for bourbon lovers

H. Deringer Bourbon Whiskey Gift Set

If your dad is a bourbon lover, this one's for you! The H. Deringer Bourbon Whiskey Gift Set is a unique experience from start to finish. 
Named for legendary American gunsmith Henry Deringer, who created the historical, well made, and popular small percussion handgun: the Philadelphia Deringer.
The H. Deringer Bourbon Whiskey Gift Set includes a beautiful glass decanter, designed by a glass artist, and a uniquely crafted Deringer gun shaped cork stopper encased in a beautiful and sophisticated deep brown box. 

h deringer bourbon whiskey gift set for fathers day

Tasting Notes and Aromas 

The exclusive small batch H. Deringer Bourbon is aged two years in virgin charred American white oak casks, and is known for being delightfully smooth. 

The H. Deringer Bourbon Whiskey Gift Set can be bought online here at for $131.99 with shipping included. craft spirits online
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