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H. Deringer Bourbon Whiskey Gift Set with Gun Stopper

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This exclusive offer is a tribute to one of America’s famous gunsmiths, Henry Deringer, who designed The Philadelphia Deringer, a popular concealed carry percussion handgun of the era. Because of their small size and easy availability, Deringers sometimes had the dubious reputation of being a popular assassin tool. John Wilkes Booth fired the most famous Deringer used for this purpose in President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.

While the origins of this exceptionally crafted bourbon are steeped in mystery, its profound flavor and finish leave nothing to the imagination!

Tasting notes

This Bourbon is aged in new charred white oak casks. Minimal batch offering. Unmatched character and is incredibly smooth.

Dehner Distillery
750ml / NY, 750 ml / VI
United States
Kosher for Passover
Kosher Cert.
CRC Approved

Additional Product Info

Henry Deringer

Henry Deringer was a renowned gun maker in the early to mid-19th century. He is most famously known for his guns with the name "Derringer," which became popular for their small size and reliable performance in self-defense scenarios. Deringer guns were designed to be easily concealable and were often carried by law enforcement officials and civilians alike. They were often made with high-quality materials and were finely crafted, making them popular with collectors as well. Deringer's legacy continues to live on today, with many gun enthusiasts still seeking out his firearms for their historical value and craftsmanship.

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More about H. Deringer

H.Deringer bourbon comes in the exquisite crystal decanter designed by famous glass artist. It is bottled exclusively for Aiko Importers, INC in extremely small batch offering.  Only 2987 bottles made in the first release.

How to drink it

To enhance the experience, consider pairing H. Deringer with a complementary food, such as dark chocolate or smoked meats. Lastly, enjoy your bourbon moderately, savoring each sip and appreciating the craftsmanship that went into its creation.

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