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Unlock Your Palate's Potential With TIPXY's Unique New "Find My Flavor" Feature

Unlock Your Palate's Potential With TIPXY's Unique New "Find My Flavor" Feature

Find My Flavor Feature? Never Heard of It...

Yes, that's because until now, it didn't exist! Still in beta and constantly being updated, the TIPXY Find My Flavor Tool is a unique website feature never seen before by the alcohol, wine, and spirits industry. 

Located in the top right corner of the TIPXY home page, Find My Flavor, a flavor profiling tool, allows liquor lovers like you to input their unique flavor preferences for a broad list of spirit categories, and search for matching craft bottles.

It's an awesome way to find new craft bottles that match your ideal personal flavor profile, and allows you to play around and add some sophistication and self-awareness to your spirit flavor preferences.  


What's The Point Of The Find My Flavor Tool?

The Find My Flavor Tool matches customers' personal flavor profiles to real bottles of liquor in their chosen category. TIPXY's goal is to expand the everyday drinker's awareness of their own palate, as well as enable adventurous liquor lovers to buy new and exciting bottles that they'll actually enjoy. 

TIPXY's Find My Flavor Tool has 6 different liquor categories:

  • Whiskey
  • Gin
  • Rum
  • Tequila & Agave
  • Vodka
  • Brandy/Cognac

Additionally, each liquor type has 6 category-specific flavor notes, which can be scaled from 1-5 based on your personal tasting note preferences.

TIPXY's Find My Flavor software finds the bottles that are the best match, and shows a graph depicting the percentages of  similarity and difference between your personal flavor profile and each bottle. 

How Does TIPXY Flavor Profiling Work?

Step #1: If you're on a desktop, click on the Flavor Finder button on the top right of the TIPXY home screen.

find my flavor tipxy spirit search tool

If you're on a mobile device, click on the 3 lines in the top left corner and then scroll down for the FindMyFlavor button.

flavor finder find my flavor tipxy craft spirits flavor profiling tool

Step #2: Pick a liquor category, and enter your flavor preferences on a scale of one to five for each. 

tipxy flavor finder liquor categories

Step #3: Hit the red "Find" button, and explore the matching bottles.

Not Sure What To Call The Flavors Involved, But You Know What You Like?

No problem! Search your favorite bottle on, hit the "Find similar tasting products button," sit back, and let TIPXY do all the work. 

find my flavor recommended spirits based on flavor profile

The Find My Flavor Tool is still in beta and is constantly being updated, so it's generally a good idea to check back every while and see what's new! 

We welcome all feedback! Leave a comment below or on our social to let us know how the Find My Flavor Tool is working for you. buy craft spirits online usa


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