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Top 10 Alcoholic Christmas Gifts of 2022

Top 10 Alcoholic Christmas Gifts of 2022

Can't decide what would look best for your friend, spouse, or significant other under the tree? We have some suggestions! 

    1. Sneaky Peat Scotch

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    Sneaky Peat Scotch is a beautiful blend of Highland single malt scotch whiskies, with just a bit of Scottish peat flavors gently permeating, which "carries its age-borne complexity to a smooth, calm finish, without dominating everything else or resulting in palate fatigue."

    If you can't decide, or you know scotch is the way to go, try Sneaky Peat for a high quality, smooth, and complex single malt scotch whiskey blend. 

    Sneaky Peat Scotch Whiskey can be found online at here for only $49.99.

    2. Pinaq Original

    With just the right color bottle for a red, green, and gold themed Christmas, Pinaq Original isn't just for the beach.

    A high quality tropical liqueur made from French VSOP cognac, premium Dutch vodka, and real passion fruit, Pinaq Original is just the thing to add some magic to that pile under the tree! Pinaq starts off sweet on the tongue, followed by the smooth warmth of the French VSOP cognac. Sweet, warm, and just alcoholic enough, it's the perfect Christmas gift for the aesthetically appreciative person in your life.

    If you want those warm Christmas feelings to permeate inside, try a bottle of Pinaq Original for a tropical, honeyed, passionate passion fruit experience. 

    Pinaq Original can be found online at here for only $34.99.

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    3. Bakesale Cookie Box Liqueur

    The Bakesale Cookie Box consists of 12 cookie shots, individually wrapped, in a cookie box. Each cookie shaped shot tastes like homemade chocolate chip cookies, because they're made out of real chocolate chip cookies. 

    Winner of the Double Gold Medal at the largest spirits competition in the world, Bakesale Chocolate Chip Cookie Liqueur is fun and high quality, adding just the right homey touch to any Christmas drinks on your menu. 

    If you're looking for the perfect adorable (and easily wrappable!!) Christmas gift, try the Bakesale Cookie Box Liqueur for a joy and chocolate chip cookie filled holiday!

    The Bakesale Cookie Box Liqueur can be found online at here for only $36.99.

    Andrea Maria Wines - Bestie Bubbly Rose’ #Tipxy #TipxyParty

    4. Bestie Bubbly Rosé

    Bestie Bubbly Rosé is sweet, fruity, and fun, adding a sparkle to any meal or event. With flavors of peach, strawberry, apricot, and watermelon, this sparkling rosé is the Christmas gift for creating beautiful holiday memories.

    As brand founder Andrea says, "Bestie Bubbly was created to celebrate the countless cherished memories I've made drinking wine with my best friends. Memories filled with unwavering support, laughter, tears and dancing. It has been in some of those moments, the bonds of true friendship were made and grew stronger." 

    A refreshing, fun, and girly bottle, try Bestie Bubbly Rosé for merry Christmas memories of pink bubbles and laughing friends.

    Bestie Bubbly Rosé can be found online at here for only $18.99.


    5. Laneta Extra Anejo Tequila 

     The Laneta Tequila bottle is a work of art: elegant, sophisticated, and yet showstopping at the same time. It's a bit pricier than most of the others on this list, but absolutely perfect for that person in your life who appreciates a good aged tequila and a beautiful bottle. Aged for longer than a classic anejo tequila, Laneta Extra Anejo is deeply smooth with complex flavors, and they describe a sip as being "like the floral aroma of a midsummer night’s silky breeze washing over your skin."

    If you're buying for a collector, tequila enthusiast, or anyone who appreciates sophistication and a smooth drink, try Laneta Extra Anejo Tequila for a Christmas gift that will make an impact.

    Laneta Extra Anejo Tequila can be found online at here for only $149.99.

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    6. Padro & Co. Rojo Amargo Vermouth

    From Tarragona, Spain with an 18% ABV, the Rojo Amargo Vermouth has an awesome bottle and is truthfully described as "irresistibly vivacious," and the most "charismatic vermouth" of them all. With holiday tasting notes of ripe orange peel, subtle cinnamon, and balsamic cloves and dried apricots, the Rojo Amargo Vermouth is smooth and rounded with a delightfully bitter twist. 

    If you're looking for something new, high quality, and in the holiday spirit, try the Padro I Familia Rojo Amargo Vermouth for a bottle that adds life to your Christmas celebrations.

    Padro & Co. Rojo Amargo Vermouth can be found online at here for only $46.99.

    Vitae Spirits Distillery Brand & Identity — Anna Kovatcheva

    7. Vitae Spirits Distiller’s Reserve Conifer Gin 

    Vitae Spirits, known for their organic and scientific approach to distilling spirits, teamed up with a local Christmas tree farm to make the Distiller's Reserve Conifer Gin. It's refreshing, flavorful, and has strong hints of Christmas tree flavors... now you can have your Christmas tree and eat it too!

    The Conifer Gin is described as having "resinous aromatics of forest walks and green mosses with a citrus brightness that makes Conifer at home in both bright summer cocktails as well as winter warmers."

    If you're looking for a Christmas themed bottle that's high quality too, try Vitae Spirits Distiller's Reserve Conifer Gin for a refreshing gin who's aromas and tasting notes awaken all dormant Christmas tree memories.

    Vitae Spirits Conifer Gin can be found online at here for only $47.99.

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    8. Aberfeldy Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

    Aberfeldy 12-year-old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey is known for its hint of sweetness and flavor development, resulting from an extended fermentation process. Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey spends over 12 years in different barrels, making it smooth, rich, and satisfying.

    If you're looking for a rich and slightly honeyed holiday Scotch, try Aberfeldy for a drink that offers "rich rewards for those who like to dig deeper, with honey, spices, citrus and hints of vanilla."

    Aberfeldy 12 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey can be found online at here for only $39.99.


    ignite silver tequila christmas holiday bottle

    9. IGNITE Silver Tequila

     An elegant but strong bottle, IGNITE Silver Tequila incorporates both raw and cooked agave aromas into its unique flavor profile. This "crystalline and luminous" premium tequila has notable flavor notes of mint, rosemary, vanilla, and citrus, which add to that herbal Christmas tree winter feel. 

    If you're looking for a beautifully silver hued blanco tequila that hasn't been tasted before, try IGNITE Silver for a premium and elegant Christmas addition. 

    IGNITE Silver Tequila can be found online at here for only $47.99.

    acquire taste cognac vs

    10. Acquire Taste Cognac VS

     The golden brown Acquire Taste Cognac VS is made from ugni, blanc, and colombard grapes, and is then aged in French limousin oak barrels for 2 years. Despite the 2 year aging process, Acquire Taste Cognac is smooth with complexity and Christmas spirited tasting notes of oak, vanilla, and raisin.

    For a very special cognac with a holiday flavor palate, try Acquire Taste Cognac VS to get those warm holiday smells and tasting notes along with a nice smooth finish.

    Acquire Taste Cognac VS can be found online at here for only $47.99.

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