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John Emerald Distillery

The 3 Best Craft Distilleries of 2023

1. Freeland Spirits

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Freeland Spirits is a craft woman owned and operated distillery based out of Portland, Oregon. Founded by Jill Kuehler, ran by Master Distiller Molly Troupe, and Cory Carmen growing the grain on her ranch in Wallowa Valley, Freeland Spirits prides itself on their quality spirits, unique craft distilling process, and emphasis on "female-identifying, transgender, and gender-nonconforming Oregonians who are busting through the glass ceilings and soaring."

Learn more about Jill, Molly, and the Freeland Spirits brand and crew here.

Freeland Spirits is about exactly that: Free Spirits. People who aren't concerned with social norms, following rules, or keeping their opinions to themselves. People who appreciate creativity, aren't afraid to make waves, and celebrate what makes them unique while also helping their communities. Freeland Spirits has a wide range of quality craft spirits, created by women from the grain growing to the distilling to the production and the selling.

Check out the small batch Freeland Spirits spirits on here.

2. John Emerald Distilling Company

Bama Bourbon & Beyond Sneak Peek: John Emerald Distilling CompanyThe John Emerald Distilling Company is co-owned and operated by a father-son duo, John and Jimmy Sharp, who created the craft distillery in homage to their ancestry and family history. The John Emerald Distillery small batch craft distillery is located in downtown Opelika, Alabama, and was created out of a desire for the founders to spend more time with their children and family. 

Find out more about John Emerald Distillery, their products, and John and Jimmy's journey towards small batch distillation here

Named for John and Jimmy's ancestor, John Emerald Sharp, the distillery has produced many quality spirits, with the spirit of a different ancestor inspiring each bottle. 

Check out the John Emerald craft spirits on here.

3. Mythology Distillery

Mythology Distillery Will Open August 24, 2018, in Denver's LoHi  Neighborhood | Westword

Mythology Distillery, located in Denver, Colorado, was founded by Scott Yeates after a particularly inspiring trip with his friends. The combination of skiing in the Alaskan backcountry by day and enjoying spirits in the evenings provided the motivation and invigoration for Scott to start his own craft spirit company, infused with the spirit of adventure: Mythology Distillery.

Mythology's Holiday Gift Guide For Craft Spirits Lovers | Mythology  Distillery

Mythology Distillery prides itself on their commitment to sustainability, employing methods that use a significantly lower amount of water for the small batch spirit making process, as well as recycling, composting, and using locally sourced ingredients. Click here to learn more about Mythology Distillery's story, values, and products, and here to buy the Mythology Distillery spirits online, each with their own myth and spirit located within.

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