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The Top 5 Tequila Bottle Designs 

The Top 5 Tequila Bottle Designs 

“You only have so many bottles in your life, never drink a bad one,” said Len Evans. Here are 5 handpicked tequila bottle designs that would make Evans proud.

3 Laneta Tequila bottles flanked by two Laneta Tequila boxes

1. The Tall, Elegant One 

Laneta Tequila

Laneta Tequila is in spot number one as its three bottles are classy, elegant, but showstopping in their own right. This is a great bottle of tequila to buy as a gift, as it looks every bit as expensive as it is, if not more. Laneta bottles make an impression but without the drama of some other noticeable tequila bottles; it provides the perfect blend of tall and majestic combined with classy and simple, so it can be the crown of a collection or center stage at a party, or simply enjoyed at home. The simplicity adds to the elegance, and to me this bottle evokes a sense of understated power and regal elegance. Laneta offers a Blanco Tequila for $99.99 (on, a Reposado Tequila for about $135 and a fabulously smooth Extra Anejo Tequila bottle for a little less than $170- it's worth every penny. 

Tequila Bottle Design

The Laneta Tequila bottles have the same basic design, housed in an elegant black box with a classy cutout to showcase the unique bottle texture. As pictured above, Laneta bottles have a dark textured glass base, and either a glossy or matte smooth tapered neck, culminating in a multifaceted jewel-like black bottle stopper. The color of the Laneta logo and the gloss or matte finish on the bottleneck are the only differences that set the 3 bottles apart.

The bottle is tall, elegant, and almost majestic looking, but that's not all. The entire process of making the tequila, from the agave plants to the roasting, distilling, and aging, is represented in the Laneta bottle design. The goal of the bottle is to embody the process "from the earth up." Each part of the bottle embodies another part of the Laneta Tequila process. 

The Bottle Shape 

The tall tequila bottle, with it's wider bottom that slowly tapers up into a black jeweled pointed bottle stopper, represents and pays tribute to the more earthy early steps in the tequila process, from “the sun-drenched Mexican soil growing the distinctive spiky blue agave plants, to the dedicated jimadores hand carving the piñas to start the crafting process." 

This step of the process is longer than many realize, as it can take between 7 and 10 years for the blue agave plants to be at just the right level of ripeness. 

The Texture

Perhaps one of the most uniquely distinctive aspects of the Laneta bottle is the textured base of the bottle, which is interrupted by the sloping smooth black bottleneck. The textured, subtly transparent base makes the Blanco, Reposado, and Extra Anejo bottles look slightly different because of the difference in color of the tequila within, and adds a depth to the overall design. Laneta was inspired by the work and efforts of the tequila making process, saying that "the faceted base encompasses the grit, handwork, knowledge and generations of expertise required to distill the agave fruit and forge the glass bottle, adding a tactile and textural authenticity." 

The Bottleneck

The bottleneck is smooth and sleek, with a glossy finish for the Blanco and Reposado, and matte for the Extra Anejo, balancing out the textured glass with a smoothness, indicative of the tequila inside.Laneta claims to be different because of their “esteem of refinement, elegance and quality, reflected in the smooth bottle neck, which symbolizes the purifying alcohol elevating during double distillation.”

The Seal

Laneta is most of proud of their tactile seal, describing it as the “pinnacle” of their “achievement.” The tactile seal is supposed to be “reminding you of tequila’s true nature of origin and creating an expectancy for the sensory experience you are about to savor."

Casino Azul Grappa Tequila Lab- three sections of a decanter machine with golden tequila inside and a wooden table as a stand.

2. The Fun, Creative One

Casino Azul Grappa Tequila Lab

The Casino Azul Grappa Tequila Lab is not just a showstopper, it is its own show. Looking like a cross between something found in a museum and something out of Gru’s Lab in Despicable Me, the Grappa Tequila Lab is relatively expensive, going for $391.99 on The design is fun, but also exotic, and even a bit historic looking. You almost expect there to be a plaque discussing how people made tequila back in the day, but then you can also just imagine minions standing in a high action assembly line operating the “lab,” or being another of Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s evil creations. 

Tequila Bottle Design

 Despite being so creative and fun to look at and use, the Grappa Tequila Lab manages to bring an air of elegance and quality with it as well. The warm browns and golds, the organization of height, and the wooden table the lab resides on all come together and give it a rather western look, but one of quality and authenticity. It manages to be kind of cute without being gimmicky, which is no easy feat. 

The Sections

The Casino Azul Grappa Tequila Lab is divided into sections, and part of the bottle’s draw is that what’s inside is cool, too. This bottle is three in one, and it has small tasting amounts of the Casino Azul Silver Tequila, Reposado Tequila, and the Anejo Limited Edition Tequila. It is portrayed as a “glass triple decanter with fill and barrel spouts for pouring,” and it is as enjoyable to “operate” as it is to look at.

The Stand 

The wooden stand for the Grappa Tequila Lab is, in my opinion, such an important touch to the overall design. The warm brown table changes the look of the entire piece, and the warm tone of the red brown wood offsets beautifully the light golden color of the tequila inside. The classy wooden table adds an aura of quality and vibrancy, and is the perfect touch to an already stunning design. 

The Glass Lab

The glass is handblown, and the unique shapes of all 3 sections of the decanter work well together, acting as unique bottle shapes on their own, but an entire performance when they’re viewed together. This is a great bottle for a display, or to keep forever once the Casino Azul Grappa tequila itself is long gone. 

Wide bottomed Don Julio Real Tequila bottle with silver agave leaf design and thin bottleneck topped with silver pina cork, filled with golden extra anejo tequila liquid.

3. The Expensive, Authentic One

Don Julio Real Tequila

While Don Julio has a few nice bottles, notably the Don Julio 1942 tequila bottle, my favorite is the (quite expensive) extra anejo before extra anejo was a thing Don Julio Real, found at for $511.99. 

Tequila Bottle Design

Don Julio Real’s bottle shape and clear agave theme, with the pineapple like silver piña as the cork and agave leaves in silver on the base of the bottle is striking but unique. Their bottle is bottom heavy with a thin neck, and there’s something attractive about the shape that feels like the bottom is begging to be poured. Whether trying to or not, this bottle has subtle Dia de Los Muertos vibes, and those agave leaves can double as skeletal hands grasping at the bottle, giving the bottle an air of mystique and implies that this bottle is so good, agave leaf hands are coming back from the dead for it. It’s a unique bottle; the simplicity adds just the right touch of mystery. This is a bottle that is screaming to be opened. It will not disappoint when you do, as it is aged for 3-5 years in white oak barrels, resulting in a phenomenally smooth flavor. Don Julio has been in the tequila business before most, and they have perfected their extra anejo to something uniquely aromatic, nuanced, and most of all, beautifully smooth.Three heart shaped bottles of Grand Love Tequila, one blue, one red, one black, with silver stand, lining, and short neck.

4. The Romantic, Cultural One

Grand Love Tequila

The Grand Love Tequila trio pictured above matches its name, as they are hearts, but also kind of grand. I am a fan of how these bottles are literally hearts, but somehow also remind me of a cowboy. I love the style these bottles are created in, with color, emotion, and tequila’s rustic roots. It has that Mexican country tequila vibe but is also a sappy 3D heart, and if someone put a little silver sombrero on those bottles it would not look the slightest bit out of place. Grand Love Blanco and Anejo are available for between $90 and $120 on They also have a ceramic heart bottle, their Grand Love Anejo Ceramic Tequila, straight from Jalisco, Mexico. 

The Three Hearts

Pictured above is the Silver, or Blanco, Grand Love Tequila in the blue heart, Anejo in the red, and Extra Anejo in the Black. The colors are chosen well, with the harsh young blanco in the blue, giving off more of a cold hearted feeling, the red for anejo representing the smooth warmth of the aged tequila, and the black heart for extra anejo fits as well, the black color saying that this one is something special, aged for a very long time. The blue, red, and black chosen are all beautiful colors, and they work well on their own or in this little group because the bottles are so well coordinated. Anything shaped like a heart makes a great gift, and Grand Love Tequila makes a fabulous gift or gesture when you want to show someone some grand love. 

Tall thin light brown Gran Patron Smoky Tequila Bottle. Starts out dark and then lightens and widens slightly, tapering up with a big rounded bottle stopper.

5. The Woodsy, Smoky One

Gran Patron Smoky Tequila

The Gran Patron Smoky Tequila is more low-key than others on this list, but it made it here because of it’s beautiful bottle shape and bottle colors, simple and basic but with an appeal that you can’t quite put your finger on. Gran Patron Smoky Tequila goes for $201.99 on, and it gets the smooth smoky flavor by being “roasted with mesquite for about seven days in small underground stone pits at Hacienda Patrón in Jalisco, Mexico” before the rest of the tequila process begins. 

Tequila Bottle Design

Is it the way the bottle is both angular and rounded at the same time? Is it that lovely swirly smoke design? Is it the rounded smooth wooden cork? You can’t quite be sure, but this bottle is the one that will make you turn for a second look, even while you don’t know exactly why. The way this bottle is square at the base, widens and rounds out as it moves upwards and then curves back in for a thin bottleneck with a big round cork on the top has lovely lines and a beautiful brown woodsy color. Utilizing a range of browns, the bottle gives the feeling of a forest of tree trunks and the smokiness just makes sense coming out of this bottle. It has a rugged woodsy outdoor vibe, but smooth and polished as well and it is the perfect casing for the smooth yet smoky flavor within.


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