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Laneta - Reposado Tequila

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LANETA stands apart in our esteem of refinement, elegance and quality, reflected in the smooth bottle neck, which symbolizes the purifying alcohol elevating during double distillation, making the robust, smooth-tasting tequila we know and love.

Tasting notes

Like the floral aroma of a midsummer night’s silky breeze washing over your skin.⁠ You’re in for a smooth treat.

750 ml

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The pinnacle of our achievement is the tactile seal, reminding you of tequila’s true nature of origin and creating an expectancy for the sensory experience you are about to savor. Opening the bottle is your moment of truth to enjoy LANETA privately or with your friends and loved ones.

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The LANETA story is embodied in our tall iconic vessel and begins from the earth up, with the sun-drenched Mexican soil growing the distinctive spiky blue agave plants, to the dedicated jimadores hand carving the piñas to start the crafting process The faceted base encompasses the grit, handwork, knowledge and generations of expertise required to distill the agave fruit and forge the glass bottle adding a tactile and textural authenticity

Our Agave

Blue Agave takes between 7 and 10 years to fully ripen.⁠ But you can’t rush greatness. Only the ripest Blue Agave can give you the smoothest taste and that rich flavor you expect..⁠ We know exactly when to harvest our Agave.⁠ It takes about a decade for Blue Agave to give you a richer, luxurious flavor.⁠

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