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The Top 3 Craft Gin Bottles of 2023

The Top 3 Craft Gin Bottles of 2023

1. Clover Gin Lucky N°4 ($42.99)

    Clover Gin N°4 is a small batch gin created by three sisters in Belgium. Named both for the presence of clover in the gin as well as the way the three leaves of the clover are each different but a part of a whole. Much like Charlotte, Ann-Sophie, and Nanuk, the Belgian sisters who played around with their gin recipe until they found the perfect one.

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    This lucky gin is made from green tea, orangy citrus, lavender, pear, cardamom, bergamot, and of course, clover. The combination is a beautifully crafted and nuanced Belgian gin with refreshing floral notes and an edge of spice. 

    Find out more about Clover Gin and the sisters who founded it here.

    2. Freeland Spirits Geneva Gin ($50.99)

    Freeland Spirits is a small business founded on principles of equality and justice, especially for women and POC. Jill Kuehler, founder of Freeland Spirits, and Molly Troupe, master distiller, along with the Freeland Spirits team, incorporate these values into every bottle they distill.

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    Geneva Gin is created from rich grain, juniper, spices, and subtle notes of Willamette Valley hazelnuts. Made from start to finish in Portland, Oregon, Freeland Spirits Geneva Gin has a freshness that can only come from the entire process being locally sourced. With an artsy bottle shape and complex nuanced flavor notes, Freeland Spirits Geneva is great in cocktails but can be appreciated neat as well.

     Find out more about Freeland Spirits Geneva Gin and the woman who founded it here.

    3. Martin Miller Original Gin ($33.99)

    Martin Miller Gin was founded a long time ago, by a man named Martin Miller. He had his hands in all kinds of things, but after ordering gin at a pub and finding it sadly lacking in quality, Miller decided to create the premium gin he would have wanted. 

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    Martin Miller’s Original Gin is all about the process, in which earthy botanicals and citrusy botanicals are distilled separately, and then pot distilled following that. The multi-step process provides balance and complexity to this straight laced premium gin, and its trademark Icelandic water addition creates a nuanced flavor that can't quite be labeled but certainly is there. Martin Miller Gin is Tipxy's craft gin value pick at only $33.99 for a premium bottle, and can be used in cocktails or drank neat. 

    Find out more about Martin Miller Gin and the man who founded it here. 

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