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3 Must Try Craft Whiskeys of 2023

3 Must Try Craft Whiskeys of 2023

1. Bespoken Spirits Special Batch Whiskey ($48.99)

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Bespoken Spirits is known for their sustainable and innovative approach to whiskey making, in which they don't use barrels, rather utilizing a craft maturation process that cuts down on wood, water, and energy usage. The special batch whiskey is no exception to this, and in addition to the already unique process, Bespoken Spirits Special Batch Whiskey has the same mash bill as Bespoken Spirits' Original, but with a lighter ABV that accentuates the floral, fruity, oak, and baking spice tasting notes. 

Bespoken Spirits Special Batch Whiskey is a smooth and complex award winning small batch whiskey, and is a clear choice for your 2023 craft whiskey list of must-haves.

2. Mythology Distillery Hell Bear American Whiskey ($55.99)

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Mythology Distillery prides itself on each bottle coming with a legend, and Hell Bear American Whiskey is no exception. (Click this link to learn more about the Mythology Distillery and the stories behind them). Hell Bear is a smooth combination of straight rye whiskey aged for 4 years blended with bourbon aged for 5 years. The result is a berry forward whiskey with cinnamon spice flavors, cereal grain, vanilla, and baking spice notes lingering on the palate for the finish. 

Hell Bear is a hell of a craft whiskey, and an essential pick for your 2023 craft whiskey adventures!

3. Kinsale Spirits Red Earl Irish Whiskey ($33.99)

red earl irish whiskey kinsale spirits buy online free shipping craft whiskey of 2023

Kinsale Spirits is an Irish craft spirits company that gains inspiration for their spirits from the rich history of Ireland. The Red Earl Irish Whiskey was born from the story of Red Hugh O'Donnell, a war chieftian of an Irish dynasty who later became an Earl. (Click this link to learn more about Kinsale Spirits and the Irish legend they draw inspiration from.)

Like Red Hugh O'Donnell, Red Earl Irish Whiskey does not disappoint, containing authentic Irish Whiskey flavors. Red Earl Irish Whiskey has soft cherry, rose, strawberry, citrus, marzipan, and oak undertones on the nose, with vibrant fruit flavors in addition to toffee, vanilla, and baking toasted almonds complemented by clove and cinnamon spices on the tongue. 

This rich craft Irish Whiskey is the Tipxy value pick at only $33.99. buy craft spirits and wine online

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