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5 Gins to Try and Why: Clover Gin

5 Gins to Try and Why: Clover Gin

The 5 Gins to Try and Why series highlights 5 unique and highly recommended craft gin brands available on The fast-growing Clover Gin brand was started by three sisters, who named their botanical based Belgian gin bottles after a plant that represents their childhood together and sisterly bond.

The Start of Clover Gin

Charlotte, Nanouk, and Ann-Sophie Ickroth grew up horseback riding and enjoying the greenery around them in northern Belgium, inspiring a closeness among them and respect for the environment that carried over into their adulthood project: starting Clover Gin. Each sister has a different role in the family business, and they state that like a clover plant, they are all different and unique but remain connected at the stem, with their sisterly bond and love for gin at the root of everything. As Ann-Sophie said in an interview with Braavheart, “we are 3 sisters, with 3 different capacities and are therefore the perfect complementary team.” 

When the sisters were all in their twenties, they were seeing less of each other than they liked, and decided to turn the dream they’d always had of starting a business together into reality. As they put it, “the time was right to reconnect. And entrepreneurship is a perfect way to do that.” Gin was gaining in popularity during that time, their mother knew some people in the industry, and all three sisters had always loved gin, and that was enough for these three female entrepreneurs. 

Clover Gin launched in 2015, but the Clover Gin process started well before the launch date, with testing and finding a gin that all three sisters thought was just right. Initially, the goal was to start small and sell 2000 bottles in a year, but to their happy surprise, they sold out in the first 3 months and have been going strong ever since.    

Clover gin Belgium bottle, clear with pastel green design, sits on a table next to a lemon, juniper berries, and ginger root

An All Women Family Business: Pros and Cons

Running a seamless family business comes with its own challenges, and many women cannot think of anything worse than working with their sisters. While Ann-Sophie Ickroth, the youngest sister, speaks of challenges that do happen, such as disagreements intensifying quickly due to a (very relatable) lack of a filter when speaking sister to sister. However, Ann-Sophie feels there are more perks than downsides to a family business with no filter between siblings/business partners, as the sisters “communicate quickly and are always honest and open to each other,” and when they do disagree, they work it out pretty quickly. The family part of the family business appears to add more to the success of Clover Gin than take away, as a team of three that has been together since birth has  a lot more practice at getting along, working things out, and working together than most business teams.

Charlotte, Nanouk, and Ann-Sophie Ickroth pose for a photo holding glasses of  Clover Gin

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Meet The Team

Nanouk is the oldest at 36, and her background and experience in international sales and exporting products makes her a strong asset to the Clover Gin team. Cizzo describes Nanouk as “diligent, headstrong,” and “purposeful.” She can be found in a dress and sneakers, getting things done in Antwerp and raising her children alongside her husband.

Charlotte is 33, described as an impulsive and “creative, go-getter,” works full time for Clover Gin and handles product development, production, deliveries, business to business sales, as well as online sales, and lives in Antwerp with her family. 

Ann-Sophie is 31, and is a notarial lawyer in addition to managing PR for Clover gin, handling the social media and events. Ann-Sophie is very sporty and social, lives in Antwerp with her boyfriend, and has an eye for design.

Their mom, described by her daughters as a role model and “passionate career woman” helps with administration and accounting at Clover Gin as well, adding an intergenerational element to the family business. 

Clover Gin Bottles

Clear bottle of Clover Gin with pastel green design and silver topper
Clover Gin Original

The first gin produced by the House of Clover, Clover gin has a 40% ABV and is made from the classic cardamom, coriander seeds, and juniper berries, but has a unique flavor and crisp aromatic aromas stemming from the added botanicals of clover, pear, and lavender. It is described as “the everyman’s drink, smooth and slightly sweet, with the uncanny ability to quickly convert non-gin drinkers.” Clover gin utilizes traditional copper pot distillation, and a soft floral appeal with a clovery, peppery kick to keep it real.  

Clear bottle of Lucky N4 Clover Gin with gold lucky clover leaf design


Clover Gin Lucky Nº4

Clover Gin Lucky Nº4 keeps the lucky Clover theme going, but adds in some fabulous citrus and fruit flavors to the Clover Gin family. Boasting balanced notes of herbs and citrus, Clover Gin Lucky Nº4 incorporates Green tea, cardamom and bergamot, balancing them with a citrusy clementine. Slightly more alcoholic than the original, the Lucky Nº4 has an ABV of 44%.




Environment and Sustainability: Clover Gin

The Ickroth sisters grew up in nature, and perhaps that’s why they are committed to protecting it. The Clover Gin family business focuses on the environment and sustainability, trying as much as they can to partner with local businesses for products and supplies. One of the many upsides to having a small family business such as Clover Gin is its increased ability and commitment to minimizing its carbon footprint. With values as strong as their gin, Clover Gin Belgium is a fabulous choice for your next long day or any kind of party, and, as the sisters say, “most people really like our gin.

Where to Buy Clover Gin Belgium in the US

Clover Gin is all over Europe, and has been spreading enthusiastically in Asia as well, but in the US it is not the easiest to find. While a local liquor store may carry Clover Gin or Clover Gin Lucky Nº4, the safest, easiest, and most efficient option is, known for its broad range of alcoholic products available online and its unwavering support of small business across the globe, especially those run by POC and female entrepreneurs. Tipxy has a large gin selection, with many Belgian bottles, and Clover Gin is just one of many that can reach your doorstep with the click of a few buttons. 

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