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Clover - Gin Lucky Nº4 Belgium

by Clover
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Lucky N°4 is the newest member of our Clover gin family. A golden taste based on a fusion of herbs and citrus. Green tea, cardamom and bergamot are wonderfully balanced with clementine. A perfect way to celebrate every occasion.

Tasting notes

Balanced fusion of herbs and citrus. Green tea, cardamom and bergamot are play wonderfully with clementine on the finish.

750 ml

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About Lucky Nº4

THE PERFECT TASTE The distilling process was an adventure. Coriander, cardamom and juniper are often used as a strong base while making a gin. It is the long search for the additional ingredients that made the process interesting. The surprising combination of pear and lavender ended up adding a fresh perfume and a soft taste. 
 THE SECRET INGREDIENT Three sisters, like leaves on a clover composed this lovely gin by playing with flavors. The presence of clover gave the gin its uniqueness.

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About Clover Gin

We are a small family business, very much focused on the environment and sustainability. That’s why we try to work with local products and local suppliers as much as possible. Our distillery is in Kalmthout, in the northern part of Belgium. Close to our family home where we grew up. We created three signature gins, traditionally distilled with only natural and organic botanical ingredients. That is what makes our gin so unique. 
Clover gin is a Belgian distilled and handcrafted gin created by three sisters. We bundled our strengths to create an assortment of gins with a unique taste and scent. Clover gin: the brand reflects our passion for nature and lifestyle, our products let you enjoy and celebrate special moments in life.

Our Story

Three lovely sisters like leaves on a clover, similar but not the same, have created a unique gin; exquisite like the morning dew, delicate like the clover flower. A childhood spent in the Kalmthoutse Heide surrounded by endless heathland and greenery had a great influence on the three Ickroth sisters. After leaving the nest in 2015 they decided to embark on an ambitious journey together. A unique botanical gin became the result of an eight month long search for the perfect taste.
The Clover gin name comes from the nostalgia of the scent of clover in the surrounding meadows, through which we used to ride our horses. The clover’s three leaves also represent us as sisters: each an individual, but bonded by one stem. You could also say it represents the holy trinity or even luck, but in every case, it relates to something delicate and hopeful.

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