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The Gladstone Axe: Prime Minister Inspired Scotch Whisky

The Gladstone Axe: Prime Minister Inspired Scotch Whisky

About The Gladstone Axe 

The Gladstone Axe is a high end Scotch whisky brand with two distinct bottles: American Oak Blended Malt Scotch Whisky and The Black Axe Blended Malt Scotch Whisky. Gladstone Axe was inspired by four times British prime minister Mr. William Gladstone, ancestor of the brand's founder, Elwyn Gladstone. The company  launched in 2021, and has since made an impact in the world of whisky.  

What Makes The Gladstone Axe Unique? 

The Gladstone Axe is unique in both its unique blending of 14 different Scotch Whiskies for their bottles, as well as the origin of its name. Prime Minister William Gladstone was a position of political prestige and power, and he used his position to enact progressive laws that targeted corruption, supported the common people, and especially relevant, benefitted Scotch drinkers everywhere. Serving four terms as prime minister, Gladstone, known as The Grand Old Man, also signed the Spirits Act of 1860. This act made blending of scotch legal for the first time ever.

Mr. Gladstone had hobbies as well: he was known for felling trees in his spare time, and had a famed collection of axes for this purpose. People would come from far and wide to see him knocking trees down with his legendary axes. 



According to 1893 newspaper the Brighton Herald, "He moved among the forest trees, the trusty axe within his hand, his fame was known across the seas, the woodman of our England’s strand." 

What better namesake for perfectly blended scotch whiskey than the man who made blended scotch legal, symbolized progressivism, and championed the rights of the common people? 

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American Oak Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Gladstone Axe Scotch Whiskey

Gladstone Axe Cocktail Recipe  


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