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Gladstone Axe - American Oak

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Smooth and easy, American Oak is aged in Bourbon casks

Tasting notes


Mid amber, chestnut, tofee


Rich, spicy, vanilla, fruit


Top notes of malt loaf with sultanas and dried fruits, spiced with nutmeg and allspice; a suggestion of apple dumpling and spiced apple pie. Unusually smooth.

Gladstone Axe

Additional Product Info

Gladstone Axe - American Oak

Every batch of Gladstone Axe American Oak is made from 100% malted barley and aged in American oak barrels that were previously used for bourbon production. Aging our scotch whisky in ex-bourbon barrels imparts mellow sweet notes to the blend of malt whiskies that compose this one-of-a-kind scotch. Gladstone Axe American Oak is made from a selection of malt whiskies from 14 different Highland and Islay malt distilleries.

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Our Story

WILLIAM GLADSTONE. our great-great grandfather and four times
prime minister had a love for Scotland. He signed the spirits act of
1860 which allowed for blending of scotch for the first time ever.
Known as "THE GRAND OLD MAN™ his passion and pastime
was felling trees with his trusty collection of axes.

Signature Serve

The Rob Roy

-1.5 Parts Gladstone Axe

-3/4 Parts Hotel Starlino Vermouth

-1-2 dashes of bitters

-Garnish with Hotel Starlino Maraschino Cherry

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