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Gladstone Axe - The Black Axe

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Spicy and Peaty, The Black Axe is made with a portion of Islay Malt Whisky

Tasting notes


Deep amber, rich walnut


Spicy and Fruity with a hint of smoke


Vanilla, spice, and smoke.

Gladstone Axe

Additional Product Info

Gladstone Axe - The Black Axe

Spicy and peaty, the Black Axe is made with a portion of Islay malt whisky. Every batch of Gladstone Axe Black Axe is made from 100% malted barley and aged in oak barrels. The Black Axe is made from a selection of malt whiskies from 14 different Highland and Islay malt Distilleries. What separates the Black Axe from American Oak is a higher percentage of Islay whisky which is smokier and spicier in its nature. The marriage of these different whiskies makes for a delicious flavor profile that can be enjoyed by scotch lovers both new and old.

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Our Story

WILLIAM GLADSTONE. our great-great grandfather and four times
prime minister had a love for Scotland. He signed the spirits act of
1860 which allowed for blending of scotch for the first time ever.
Known as "THE GRAND OLD MAN™ his passion and pastime
was felling trees with his trusty collection of axes.

Signature Serve

The Woodsman

1 Parts Gladstone Axe

1 Part lemon Juice

1/2 part simple syrup

2 Parts club soda

-Serve over ice

-Garnish with a Hotel Starlino Maraschino Cherry and a slice of orange

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