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Jay Park, Won Soju, and Where To Buy It In The USA

Jay Park, Won Soju, and Where To Buy It In The USA

Won Soju is taking the spirit world by storm- but what is it really? Where does Korean artist Jay Park come in? Read on to find out why and where to buy Won Soju in the USA.

won soju where to buy

What is Won Soju?

Won Soju is a premium version of soju, a vodka-like Korean spirit. (If you're not familiar with soju, check out Soju: The Most Popular Spirit You've Never Heard Of). While the most common form of soju is cheap, green, beer-like bottles from brands such as Jinro, Han Jan, and Good Friends, Won Soju is a much higher end soju product.

While cheaper soju is generally made from a mix of grains or starch and cheaper rice, Won Soju utilizes higher quality ingredients, distilled completely from locally sourced Korean pearl rice from the province of Wonju. 

won soju jay park

Won Soju & Jay Park

Who is Jay Park?

In case you haven't heard of him, Jay Park is a Korean- American 36 year old former K-Pop star, now known for his hip hop, R&B, and rap music influence, as well as his entrepreneurship. He started his career in South Korea in 2008 as a member of boy band 2PM, leaving a year later and going on to create music on his own and multiple music labels. 

Jay Park, also known as Park Jae-beom, recently quit as CEO of two music labels that he founded, AOMG and H1gher Music, in order to pursue his new brand, Won Soju, as well as his new 2022 music label, MORE VISION. 

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Photo Credits: 임윤아1, CC BY-SA 2.0

Jay Park's Relationship With Soju

Park didn't just collaborate to produce his spirit brand, but created it, involving himself in every aspect. In an interview, he describes Won Soju as "a traditional liquor made with 100% domestic rice. It’s a premium local specialty and also a spirit that makes what I’ve been dreaming of for a long time a reality."

SOJU: Jay Park's song ft. 2 Chainz 

Strangely enough, artist Jay Park didn't always like soju. Yep, you read that right. He says, "As I learned more about Korean culture, I drank soju while talking about life at the bar. It’s better than drinking Champagne at a club." Jae-beom's taste and appreciation for this popular Korean spirit must have increased with time, because he devoted an entire song to it 5 years ago (SOJU, shown above).

Won Soju is a result of a lot of work, with liquor production laws in Korea being complex. Jay Park tasted many batches of soju until he found just the right combination of rice, yeasts, and koji water: fresh and clean with a kick, aka, Won Soju.  

Won Soju-Where To Buy USA

If you're wondering just how to lay your hands on Won Soju in America, look no further than, shipping to almost every state in the US. Won Soju is currently for sale online in the US, with as the number one online US seller of the Korean premium spirit. Won Soju is now available in some liquor stores in NY, NJ, and CA as well.

Won Soju Global Expansion


Jay Park and the Won Spirit Company announced their expansion from the Korean market to the global market, branding Won Soju as a spirit that "captivates the culturally curious with its forward-thinking approach, delivering an authentic and versatile drinking experience that celebrates the spirit of exploration with affordability in every sip." In addition to US availability, Won Soju is targeting the Hong Kong, Thailand, Canada, and Germany spirit markets as well. 

Won Soju Price (And Shipping)

The average price for buying Won Soju online in the USA is about $20, and if ordering online, the price likely wouldn't include shipping. 

While shipping can be pricey, TIPXY offers free shipping on orders over $99. If you're planning on buying a few bottles or want to stock up on other types of spirits, TIPXY's a great option!

Jay Park's Guide To Drinking Won Soju


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