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The Top 3 Halloween Drinks For Adults

The Top 3 Halloween Drinks For Adults

Mary White - Belgium Vodka

1. Mary White Vodka ($35.99)

The Mary White Vodka bottle may look too innocent for Halloween- but in reality, it's anything but. Named for the queen of illegal alcohol activity during the Prohibition, Mary White, this vodka is citrusy and fresh with strong aromas of grain and a smooth, silky, and tingly feeling on the palate. Flavor notes of bread dough and lemony spice hit the palate, and just like Mary White, who had a hidden edge, Mary White Vodka has an underlying earthiness created from a touch of malted barley. 

Elegant and edgy, Mary White Vodka is a Halloween vodka drink must-have for those looking to elevate their Halloween experience!

Learn more about Mary White and the Prohibition history of female bootlegging here. buen bicho mezcal joven buy online halloween 2023

2. Buen Bicho Mezcal ($42.99)

Mezcal is a spirit in the Halloween spirit. The intense aromas of smoke, earth, and minerals make the Buen Bicho Mezcal Joven perfect for a mezcal Halloween cocktail- smooth and light with lots of flavor and a bit of a scary edge. 

Containing authentic agave flavor notes, this mezcal joven (un-aged) pulls your senses to the rich smells and flavors of the countryside of Oaxaca. A crowd favorite that your guests likely won't have tried, Buen Bicho is the mezcal Halloween drink choice for that spooky smokey party you're planning!

3. John Emerald Gene's Spiced Rum ($33.99)


Looking for some spiced rum drinks for Halloween? Look no further, Gene's Spiced Rum is the multi award-winning spiced rum from Alabama that will demolish those spiced rum holiday cravings!

Learn more about the John Emerald brand, products, and the spirit in their spirits here.

 With sweet vanilla, anise, nuts, and orange peel on the nose, and an earthy backdrop with cinnamon on the palate, this spiced rum will not disappoint. Gene's finish is all spice with a bit of oak tannins, and it leaves you wanting more. The ideal Halloween drink for adults, the John Emerald Gene's Spiced Rum mixes well but also supports itself neat. 

For awesome Halloween cocktail recipes and garnishes, check out our 6 Recipes For the Scariest Halloween Cocktails! buy craft wine and spirits online logo

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