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The Best Wine for Some Girl Time: Bestie Bubbly

The Best Wine for Some Girl Time: Bestie Bubbly

Female entrepreneur Andrea Weigand launched Bestie Bubbly, the fun and colorful wine brand, to celebrating all the memories created and shared with friends over a refreshing glass of Rosé or Moscato wine. Bestie Bubbly was created by women, for women, to celebrate women. 

Bestie Bubbly Background

Bestie Bubbly, created by Andrea Marie Wines, offers cheerful, bright, and energetic Rosé and Moscato wines to wine lovers across America through Bestie Bubbly was inspired by strong joyous friendships among women. Andrea Weigand, respiratory therapist and founder of Andrea Marie Wines and Bestie Bubbly, says she always felt that "Social media is filled with pages, live casts, quotes, memes, and pictures of women drinking wine with friends, yet out of all the many wines marketed to women, there is not one single brand that embodies or is marketed to the friendships between." Feeling that women deserve a glass of wine to enjoy with their friends, made especially for that purpose, she started Andrea Marie Wines LLC and Bestie Bubbly. 

Andrea Weigand and another woman drinking Bestie Bubbly and talking happily

By Woman, For Women

Andrea Marie Wines' website and bottle design boasts a light, fun, colorful women-filled atmosphere. That's not to say anyone cannot enjoy Bestie Bubbly, but rather that it was created and geared towards women celebrating their time with their girlfriends. Bestie Bubbly was created as a "celebration of friendship," as a way of bringing joy and enhancing and celebrating the meaningful relationships among women friends. In Andrea's words, she wanted to embody the "countless cherished memories I’ve made drinking wine with my best friends. Memories filled with unwavering support, laughter, tears and dancing. It has been in some of those moments, the bonds of true friendship were made and grew stronger. Bestie Bubbly is a celebration of friendship." By women, for women, with the wire and cork close giving that perfect celebratory pop, Bestie Bubbly is the perfect gift to say happy birthday to a bestie, and a great choice for a bachelorette party, all girls night out, or trip to the beach. 

Four women sitting by a pool drinking Bestie Bubbly wine making memories, photo by DestinyBurke photography

The Bestie Bubbly Bottles 

Light, bright, airy and fun, both Bestie Bubbly bottles available on are a festive and refreshing addition to anyone's wine closet. 


Pink Rose Bestie Bubbly wine bottle on

The Rosé

The $15.99 pink Bestie Bubbly Rosé includes nuanced sweet flavors of peach, apricot, strawberry, and watermelon. It is a sparkling, fun, fruity wine with a “dry champagne finish.” The Bestie Bubbly Rose is unique in its appeal to both sweet wine lovers and dry wine connoisseurs.

Blue Teal Moscato Wine Bestie Bubbly Bottle at

The Moscato 

The $15.99 blue bottle of Bestie Bubbly Moscato, naturally fermented and created in California, is a fizzy fresh grape Moscato wine with flavors of light refreshing fruit including apricot, peach, and melon and a hint of floral in the aroma. At 11.5% ABV, it's just alcoholic enough that you'll taste it and feel it, but not enough that you won't be able to stop feeling it the next day. 


Friendship and Wine 

“The best wines are the ones we drink with friends," say these wise Bestie Bubbly Wine bottles on their front. While that seems simple, the idea behind the saying is somewhat profound. While wine can symbolize many things, and be enjoyed in many ways, it is only when we feel something deeper that we enjoy it fully. Bestie Bubbly doesn't just offer a wine, but rather a road to human connection, shared laughter, and, in a true parallel, refreshing and uplifting relationships with an undercurrent of value, connection, and meaning. 

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