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Kavita Channe and Channe Rosé

Kavita Channe, sports broadcaster, TV host, and single mom, made the decision to start her high quality woman-owned wine brand, SipChanne, after a trip to France. Read on to learn all about this inspirational female  entrepreneur and her story, mission, and challenges.

All About Kavita


Channe Rose marked a change of career for Kavita Channe, who had primarily been a FOX/NFL broadcaster with her own sports show before this, and proudly the first woman sideline NFL reporter of Indian descent.

While becoming a wine entrepreneur isn't exactly the traditional path following sports broadcasting, it's less surprising once you get a fuller picture of Kavita. Kavita is a single mom of two, wrote a children's book, and started her own wine company because she was looking for something new. Kavita's motto is, "If people aren't laughing at your dreams then you're not dreaming big enough…" 

Kavita Channe single mom female entrepreneur with her Channe Rose wine and children

Challenges as a Single Mom Businesswoman

Kavita got pregnant right after launch, becoming a new mother within the year. She sums up her approach to life and her true entrepreneurial spirit with her reaction: "It was just a perfect and crazy coincidence that I decided to run a new business in a new industry in the midst of my broadcasting career while becoming a new mama…But, hey…why not [laughs]" 

Kavita discusses the challenges of being a single mom entrepreneur, saying that all those single moms out there should know they're not alone and that "life is not easy. Just breathe through the challenges and the pain… and remember that health is wealth." She also states her opinion on asking for help, saying to "not ever feel ashamed to ask friends and family for help."

channe rose on a platform

The Story Behind Channe Rosé 

In addition to being an inspirational mom and business woman in the wine industry, Kavita has her own sports show, called 1stDownNDirty, where she interviews athletes, something has a natural talent for. She says, "I relate to people who are competitive and like challenges, and I find athletes have that mentality." Entrepreneurs like challenges as well, and that's how the beautiful Channe Rose and Channe Rose Blanc bottles came into existence. 

Kavita was visiting France, where she tried a few rosé wines, falling in love with them. Naturally she tried ordering her favorite drink on her return to the US, but found there to be few good quality options… and then there was the fact that her name rhymes with rosé.

So Kavita went back to France, meeting with winemakers and finding the perfect rosé wine to become Channe Rosé. Kavita picked her favorite, and she picked a winner, with Channe Rosé winning a medal from the Concours Général Agricole  2019, a prestigious wine competition run by the French Department of Agriculture.

sip channe wines

SipChanne Wines

Channé Rosé is a high quality light copper colored dry and smooth fruity rosé wine. It is made with Grenache, Cinsault and Mourvèdre grapes with hints of apricot, cherry, passion fruit and white flower flavors, and is light, sophisticated, and smooth. The Channe Rosé success prompted the launching of the Channé Blanc, a traditional white wine incorporating both Sémillon and Ugni Blanc grapes. Channé Blanc is a traditional Provence style blend; a dry, smooth, balanced wine with no sugar and no tannins. It has subtle hints of quince, floral, lemon, apricot, and acacia flowers, making it refreshing as well as sophisticated. 

Kavita Channe and friends enjoying Channe Rosé and Channe Blanc wine

Channe Rosé Mission

With the SipChanne mission being "to add value to this beautiful world through our hearts, our passion and our efforts," Kavita has co-founded Dining for a Difference with Olivier Vernon, raising awareness and fundraising for multiple organizations and charities. 

Kavita is effortlessly flexible and fun, with her advice to all entrepreneurs or anyone working towards a goal being to "realize it’s not really your destination that will make you light up, but the journey getting there… so HAVE FUN!" Kavita's joie de vivre and charisma fills any room, and she is using her talents to inspire and make the world a better place, one bottle of Channe wine at a time. 

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