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Andrea Maria Wines - Bestie Bubbly Moscato White Sparkling Wine

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Bestie Bubbly Moscato is a naturally fermented sparkling Moscato produced in Lodi, CA.

It is a delightful sparkling wine with a full grape Moscato flavor, floral aromas, and sweet light flavors of peach , apricot, and melon.

An exceptionally light and refreshing Moscato with 11.5% alc. by volume.

Tasting notes

A full grape moscato flavor with floral aromas, and sweet light flavors of peach , apricot, and melon. It’s an exceptionally light and refreshing moscato.

Andrea Maria Wines
750 ml
United States
Lodi, CA

Additional Product Info

Bestie Bubbly Moscato

The front of each bottle states, “The best wines are the ones we drink with friends” and the back contains a paragraph dedication to friendship. Cork & wire closure for a celebratory pop to open. Balanced and delicious wine. The packaging is beautifully designed full matte shrink sleeve. It stands out on any shelf and is truly gift worthy.

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Andrea Maria Wines LLC

Social media is filled with pages, live casts, quotes, memes, and pictures of women drinking wine with friends yet out of all the many wines marketed to women there is not one single brand that embodies or is marketed to the friendships between them. You can go to any gift shop or Etsy and find blocks of wood, wine glasses, signs, and more with friendship quotes for similar or more cost than this actual bottle of wine with the same theme and the wine is included! This brand is extremely marketable and more importantly it is a huge untouched niche in this giant industry! Bestie Bubbly makes the perfect birthday gift, bridesmaid gift, or just because. It’s the perfect addition to any bachelorette party, bridal shower, brunch, girls’ night out, or girls’ night in.

Meet the Founder - Andrea

Bestie Bubbly was created to celebrate the countless cherished memories I’ve made drinking wine with my best friends. Memories filled with unwavering support, laughter, tears and dancing. It has been in some of those moments, the bonds of true friendship were made and grew stronger. Bestie Bubbly is a celebration of friendship. Cheers to Besties!   -Andrea

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