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The Best Drinking Games for Friendsgiving

The Best Drinking Games for Friendsgiving

Whether you have a turkey or not, there’s no denying that Friendsgiving has a different vibe than Thanksgiving. When your family comes over, it’s a nice dinner, but when your friends come over, it’s a party!

There’s no better way to appreciate and spend time with your friends than by eating and playing games… and everyone knows that the best kind of games are drinking games. 
We have some drinking game ideas with liquor recommendations for each that will give your guests a Friendsgiving Party they’ll never forget.
drinking jenga friendsgiving drinking games

1. Drinking Jenga

First things first, what’s Jenga?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Jenga, it’s a simple game using long thin wooden blocks that form an interlocking tower. The players go around, pulling one block from the tower at a time, until someone pulls one out and the tower falls, making that person the loser and ending the round. 
drinking jenga friendsgiving

The Adult Version

The idea is that as you drink more, the game becomes harder, making it progressively more fun. Whoever knocks down the tower needs to take a shot, and then the next round ensues! 
Buy this Tipsy Tower Jenga Game with a twist on Amazon here!

Tipsy Tower Drinking Game

Check out this 21+ Tipsy Tower Drinking Game for drinking Jenga with a twist! Tipsy Tower blocks each have different cues, and after pulling a block out, the party-goer has to follow the instructions on the block… generally resulting in more tipxy-ness all around. 
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Liquor Suggestions 

For this game we’d recommend a bottle of  Kreyol Spirits’ premade Premium Manhattan Cocktail because it's high quality and bar strength. The shots will taste good and have the desired tipxy effect, but at 62 proof instead of the usual 80-90, no one will fall on the Tipsy Tower before the game really gets going. 
drinking games paranoia

2.  Paranoia, Two Ways 

There are virtually no supplies necessary for Paranoia, making it a great last minute addition to your Friendsgiving game repertoire. All that's needed is a group of friends and some shots. 

How To Play Paranoia 

Version #1
Everyone sits on the floor or a table where they are close enough to the person next to them to whisper in their ear. (This is not a COVID friendly game.) Then, each person thinks of a question, and whispers it in the ear of the person on their right. That person answers out loud, so everyone at the party hears the answer, but not the question. For example, Stephanie whispers to Alex, "where did your most embarrassing moment take place?" Alex says out loud, "the bathroom in my ex-girlfriend's house." Anyone who wants to know what the question was can ask and be answered, but only if they first take a shot! 
The more creative and curiosity inducing your questions are, the faster everyone around you gets drunk! 
drinking games
Version #2
The second way to play uses the same basic idea, but the answer to all questions must be a person at the Friendsgiving Party. The first person whispers a question to the person on their right, and then that person points at the answer. For example, John whispers to Matt, "who in this room is the loudest?" Matt points at Jamie, who is indisputably the loudest of the group, and they both laugh. Jamie has no idea what's going on unless she decides to gulp down a shot!
The questions continue until everyone is feeling the effects of their paranoia and it's time to move on! 
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Liquor Suggestions 

What to drink is up to you, but some fun ideas include the Soda Jerk Orange Cream Shot and Root Beer Shot liqueur. They are bright, fun, and full of flavor while still packing a punch at 35% ABV. If you're a vodka person, the Crater Lake Hazelnut Espresso Vodka is a great high end flavored choice. For a fun, upbeat, and more natural option, the award winning Dented Brick Roofraiser Vodka is the way to go. 
sixes drinking game

3. Sixes

Sixes Setup

Grab six different size cups, the more variation the better, and fill them with different types and concentration levels of alcohol. For example, different cups can include simple or premixed cocktails, straight shots, or even some spiked water or juice. Surprise your guests! 
Place each cup on a piece of paper or a playing card labeling them from 1-6.
The only other materials needed is one die. If you're more than six, you may want to grab another six glasses and use two dice instead of one, making it a game of twelves instead of sixes. 

How to Play 

The instructions are very basic: each person spins the die and has to down whatever drink corresponds to the number they roll. You never know what you'll get!
If your friends don't mind the germs and you want to play for longer, you can also have each person sip whatever they roll until all the drinks are finished, giving everyone an opportunity to try multiple drinks on the table!
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Liquor Suggestions

For this game we'd suggest a lower alcohol content for any big glasses, Blue, Pink, and Original Pinaq Liqueur with a 17% ABV would work here, especially if it's diluted on the rocks! 
A simple cocktail can also be helpful for lowering the proof.
right image
right image
Lolea Sangria is another great choice for those big glasses or mugs, and you can feel free to add fresh fruit as well. 
Some smaller shot suggestions include the John Emerald Single Malt Whiskey, which is smokey and deep and tastes great neat. The Mythology American Whiskey is another great whiskey choice, smooth and slow, while Summer Cove Gin and X-Gin are awesome choices if you want a unique gin that can hold its own as a shot. Elizabeth Vodka is a great stand-alone vodka choice, and both Zarza Tequila Reposado and Butterfly Cannon Silver Cristalino work well for any tequila lovers in the crowd. 
drinking games

4. Most Likely To…

This game requires no setup except a good drink in hand, and you’ll learn a lot about what your friends think of you… for better or for worse.

How to Play

Going around the circle, one at a time each player says a Most Likely To statement, for example, most likely to eat pizza for breakfast, or most likely to retire young and move to Florida. Everyone looks around, then closes their eyes and points at whoever they feel fits the best. Once everyone’s eyes are open, each guest has to take as many sips as fingers are pointing in their direction.
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Liquor Suggestions

Anything can work here, but we’d recommend trying the Boondocks American Whiskey for a high class premium craft option, or the Vitae Spirits Golden Rum if your group likes a rich and full bodied rum. For a lighter option that still brings something new to the table, try the Jinro flavored soju- there are multiple flavor options and it’s a fun, higher ABV alternative to beer. 
drinking games

5. The Guess Who Celebrity Drinking Game

All you need is some paper, pens, and your drink! This is a great game for those who are knowledgeable about celebrities, but you can replace celebrities with other things, such as people everyone at the party knows, occupations, cars, or movies… anything your friends are interested in and know a lot about. 


Everyone writes the name of a celebrity (or example from another chosen category) on a small piece of paper, taking care to make sure no one else sees. Then each person passes their paper, face-down, to the person on their right. That person holds up the paper to their head so they can’t see it but everyone else can. If you want to tape it to your guests foreheads or to the wall behind them, that works too, and may lower the risk of the person accidentally seeing their paper. 
drinking shots holiday party

How to Play

Each person then asks questions to try and figure out who is on their paper. The first person may ask, "is the celebrity on my forehead blonde?" and if the answer is yes, they get another question, if the answer is no, they have to drink and it’s the next person’s turn to ask questions to figure out who’s on their forehead. Anyone who guesses the name correctly gets to make another friend of their choice drink, and anyone who gives up on figuring it out has to down the whole drink. 

Kavita Channe and friends enjoying Channe Rosé and Channe Blanc wineLiquor Suggestions

As with most of these games, any drink works, but a holiday friendly option here could be the Yellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon or for a lighter wine alternative, Channe Rose is refreshing, fruity, and high quality. 
Don't forget to check out our Thanksgiving Gift Guide as well, and if you're interested, check out our guide to hosting a Tipxy Tasting Party! buy craft spirits and wines online
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