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Zarza - Tequila Reposado

by Zarza
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On the palate, a rich and decadent tequila with flavors of butterscotch and toasted marshmallow. Zarza Reposado tequila is sweet and warm with a pleasingly long finish.

Tasting notes

Rich, Butterscotch, Vanilla, Caramel, Long


Additional Product Info

Zarza - Tequila Reposado

Made with 100% blue agave grown in the rich volcanic soil provided by Volcán de Tequila, sourced from two distinct regions of Jalisco, the Lowlands and the Highlands, each imparting a unique flavor profile in the finished product.

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The Process

Hand-trimmed agave plants, or piñas, are cooked via two distinct methods, which allow us to control the flavor for a superior Tequila. Half the piñas are slowly steam roasted in centuries-old traditional thick stone-walled brick ovens called hornos for up to 54 hours. The other half utilizes modern ovens allowing greater control over the cooking process.

Our Distillery

Our distillery is one of only a few that features a natural spring running through its property, which provides water for our Tequila. The water travels down from its source at Volcán de Tequila through the mineral and nutrient-rich earth, providing additional character.

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