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Soda Jerk - Orange Cream Shot

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The classic and nostalgic blend of bright orange soda (without the bubbles) and smooth creamy vanilla ice cream, with a little bit of kick. Orange Cream Shot is 70 Proof (35% ABV)

Tasting notes

The profiles are slightly sweet, with a long creamy finish and a little bit of kick

Soda Jerk
750ml / VI, 750 ml / VI
United States

Additional Product Info

Soda Jerk - Orange Cream Shot

An American made, great tasting familiar flavored shot, that takes a touch of nostalgia and mixes it with today’s modern edge. Soda Jerk Shot is smooth. No dare, no scare, no chaser required. Simply chill, shoot and enjoy!

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About Soda Jerk

Soda Jerk Shot is ready to drink in two fantastic flavors that you already know and love: Orange Cream and Rootbeer. The flavor profiles are lightly sweet, not overly boozy, and have a long creamy finish noteworthy of your favorite 50/50 bar, or Rootbeer float, with a little bit of kick.


SILVER MEDAL WINNER 2021 World Spirits Competition,   San Francisco, CA – Orange Cream Shot

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