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Thanksgiving Dinner - Alcoholic Drinks

10 Unique Bottles of Booze To Bring: Thanksgiving Dinner 2022

Heading out to celebrate with family or friends for Thanksgiving, but not sure what to bring? Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner and not sure what to buy? Want to bring a bottle your host doesn't already own?
We got you covered with 10 bottles of craft booze that just can't go wrong on Thanksgiving Day, plus some creative ideas for picky drinkers!

Fall Vibes: Spiced Rums for Thanksgiving Dinner 2022

1. Wildcat Brothers- Fifolet Spiced Flavored French Style Rum (43.99)

The Wildcat Brothers Fifolet Spiced Flavored French Style Rum is a natural pick for the Thanksgiving season, with fall flavors of warm spice mélange, cinnamon, sweet charred sugar, roasted cocoa, vanilla beans, and almonds on the palate. 

"Fifolet is legendary and nostalgic, a taste of days gone by. Some have said it smells like grandmother's kitchen during the fall." 

Get the Fifolet Spiced Flavored French Style Rum here at with free shipping on orders that qualify.

2. John Emerald - Gene’s Spiced Rum (47.99)

This award winning spiced rum is named for Gene Snodgrass, grandfather to one of the John Emerald Distillery founders. Both Gene and Gene's Spiced Rum are described as "a crowd favorite," as well as having a  firm and solid base with some warm natural spice mixed in. 

The dark copper appearance along with tasting notes of cinnamon, spice, oakiness, vanilla, nuts, and orange peel makes the John Emerald Gene's Spiced Rum a great choice for any  Thanksgiving dinner.

"Excellent served neat as an aperitif and works great with holiday cocktails and rum punch." 

Get the John Emerald Gene's Spiced Rum here at with free shipping on orders that qualify.

Check out this article to learn more about the John Emerald Distillery and the spirit in all of their spirits.

3. Vitae Spirits - Distiller's Reserve Spiced Rum (47.99)

The Vitae Spirits Distiller's Reserve Spiced Flavored Rum is a limited release holiday spirited bottle with spiced flavors of vanilla, clove, orange zest, cardamom, black pepper, oak, and sugar cane. The "dominant vanilla and clove marry with the piquant black pepper to make your taste buds stand up and pay attention." Spiced, flavorful, and sweet but not too sweet, Distiller's Reserve Spiced Rum imparts all the best holiday feels. 

"Warm, aromatic, and not too sweet, Spiced rum brings the exotic to simple cocktails to make them special"

Get the Vitae Spirits Distiller's Reserve Spiced Flavored Rum here at with free shipping on orders that qualify.

Check out this article to learn more about Vitae Spirits and the scientist behind them.

Sophisticated Wines: Craft Bottles For Thanksgiving Dinner 2022

4. Andrea Maria Wines - Bestie Bubbly (18.99)

Both the Bestie Bubbly Rosé and Moscato are a sparkling addition to a fun, female, and sophisticated Thanksgiving dinner. Designed by women in honor of female friendships, Bestie Bubbly bottles are fruity and refreshing, adding a pastel centerpiece to your Thanksgiving table. 

The pastel pink Bestie Bubbly Rosé walks the narrow bridge between sweet and dry wine with light tasting notes of strawberry, peach, apricot, and watermelon, along with a dry champagne finish. 

Sparkling and lightly sweet, Bestie Bubbly Moscato is bright and refreshing with full grape Moscato, peach, apricot, and melon flavors. 

“The best wines are the ones we drink with friends”

Get the Bestie Bubbly Rosé here and the Bestie Bubbly Moscato  here at with free shipping on orders that qualify.

Check out this article to learn more about Bestie Bubbly and the Girl Time that inspired it.

5. Kadabra- Fecovita Wines (10.99)

Elegant and smooth, the Fecovita Kadabra Malbec is a strong purple-red wine with aromas that can only be described as intense. Elegant, with a soft structure and dominating fruitiness, this Malbec comes across as almost sweet. The finish is long and enjoyable, and the berry flavors pair well with the traditional Thanksgiving cranberry sauce. 

The Fecovita Kadabra Cabernet Sauvignon Wine is a bright ruby red wine with a spicy base and fruity aromas. The Cabernet Sauvignon has a fruit-forward taste, with a full-bodied mouthfeel and intense finish. 

“Great wines expose themselves boldly at first but continue to evolve in your glass, sip by sip, ever hinting at new dimensions of aroma and flavor yet to be discovered.” 

Get the Fecovita Kadabra Malbec here and the Cabernet Sauvignon here at with free shipping on orders that qualify.

6. Domaine de Papolle - Quatre C 2018 (14.99)

The Quatre C 2018 from the Papolle Vineyards is a beautifully clear, bright, pale yellow wine with citrus fruits and subtle hints of tropical fruit on the nose. Tasting notes include lemon sorbet and mango, and there is a fizziness to the texture as well. This refreshing and round white wine complements white meat, (as well as hard cheeses and fish) so The Domaine de Papolle Quatre C is a great wine pairing with your Thanksgiving turkey.

"We want the grapes to speak for themselves, and we allow this by interfering as little as possible while still maintaining the health of our vines" -Domaine de Papolle Winemakers, Frédéric & Bernard Piffard

Get the Domaine de Papolle Quatre C 2018 Wine here at with free shipping on orders that qualify.

7. Cuna de Reyes - Finca Las Cabras Crianza Red Wine (26.99)

The Finca Las Cabras Crianza Red Wine has a ruby red, medium depth appearance with an elegant mouthfeel and great structure. Aromas of dark cherry, tobacco, and wood are on the nose, with flavors of incense, balsamic, cinnamon, fruit, and licorice hitting the palate, followed by a long saline finish.

The spice flavors make this red wine a great Thanksgiving dinner choice, and a unique but great food pairing for your Thanksgiving pumpkin pie dessert specifically. Not only that, but the head winemaker, Alfredo Ciria, "loves to spend his time in the field, listening to heavy metal music on his tractor," likely imbuing the Finca Las Cabras Crianza with some pretty awesome vibes.

"[The Cuna de Reyes vineyard] represents the fusion between my past and my present, between tradition and modernity, and, in a short time, it will also represent the continuity of life" - Alfredo Ciria

Get the Cuna de Reyes Finca Las Cabras Crianza Red Wine here at with free shipping on orders that qualify.

Can't Go Wrong With Cookies: Best Booze To Bring For Thanksgiving Dinner 2022 Dessert

8. Bakesale - Cookie Box Liqueur (36.99)

The Bakesale Cookie Box comes with twelve award winning cookie shaped shots, made from hundreds of thousands of chocolate chip cookies. Each little cookie pouch is a shot, and the packaging makes this liqueur the perfect gift for your Thanksgiving dinner host!

Bakesale - Cookie Box Liqueur — Tipxy

The box and cookie shaped shots are cute and fun, but don't be fooled by how cute this liqueur is, it also has a 40% ABV and is the winner of the Double Gold medal at this year's San Francisco World Spirits Competition, aka, THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS AWARD at the biggest spirit competition in the world. 

"Tastes like cookies because it is made from real chocolate chip cookies"

Get the Bakesale Cookie Liqueur Cookie Box here at with free shipping on orders that qualify.

Check out this article to learn more about the award winning Bakesale Cookie Liqueur.


9. Pinaq Original Tropical Liqueur

Yep, every Piñaq drink comes in a pineapple-shaped container, perfect for a fun dessert. To access its earthly pleasures, you must simply unscrew the leaves (these also attach upside-down to the bottom of the bottle, giving it a nifty little stand) and pour!

Pinaq is an up and coming brand, and the Original bottle of Pinaq is gold, pineapple shaped, and full of a mind blowing passionfruit, vodka, and cognac tropical liqueur blend. 

Get the Pinaq Original Liqueur here at with free shipping on orders that qualify.

Check out this article to learn more about the Pinaq Liqueur brand and it's female founder.

10. The Holiday Gift That Keeps On Giving: Tipxy Flight Club Subscriptions Box 

If you have a friend or family member that loves a good bottle almost as much as they love trying something new, the Tipxy Flight Club Subscription Box is the ideal holiday gift. Sign them up for their favorite spirit category (check out the categories here) and they will receive either 3 bottles of high quality craft spirit bottles quarterly or 1 bottle monthly. 

tipxy flight club subscription box craft spirits discover

"Take flight on a journey of exploration and discovery. Let us provide you with a box of carefully curated hidden gems from your favorite liquor categories"

Sign up for the Tipxy Flight Club Subscription Box here at, with Bourbon, Whiskey, Tequila, Vodka, Gin, Rum, or Variety categories. 


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