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Women's History Month: 5 Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs In Alcohol

Women's History Month: 5 Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs In Alcohol

Women are often underrepresented when it comes to small business owners, and even more so in the wine and spirits industry. Women’s History Month is the perfect time to focus on some small women-owned businesses in the alcohol industry, and the inspirational women behind them.

Woman's history month- female entrepreneur, as a craft focused adult beverage platform, emphasizes small businesses and works to expand their reach, benefitting small business owners, but also wine and spirit consumers across America looking to try unique artisanal alcoholic beverages. These women embody the entrepreneurship, empowerment, and commitment to quality and new experience that TIPXY stands for. 

Andrea Weigand, Founder of Andrea Maria Wines

In addition to being a respiratory therapist, Andrea Weigand started Andrea Maria Wines LLC, selling her fun, colorful, and energetic wine, Bestie Bubbly, as “a celebration of  friendship” in honor of, as she says, “the countless cherished memories I’ve made drinking wine with my best friends.” Bestie Bubbly offers three bubbly bottles, so there’s one for every kind of friendship. Created in California, both the Bestie Bubbly Rosė Wine and Bestie Bubbly Moscato Wine are available to buy online across most states in the U.S. at
Andrea Marie wines bestie bubbly
The cheerful pastel pink of the Rosė and bright energetic teal blue of the Moscato are enough to lighten and brighten any room, and the refreshing tastes of both bottles are perfect for girl time any time or place. Andrea feels that “out of all the many wines marketed to women, there is not one single brand that embodies… the friendships between them.” In a bright, bubbly, beautiful celebration of women and friendship, Andrea created Bestie Bubbly to fill that gap. As they say, there’s nothing better than a good friend unless it’s a good friend holding a bottle of wine. 

Stephanie Mingo, Co-Founder of Acquired Taste Cognac

Based in Buffalo, Acquired Taste Cognac began as an idea, an idea originating in Stephanie and her husband Charles's motto: "Own what you create." Stephanie and Charles started out by doing research and working to understand the industry and field, with plans to create a premium vodka. Life happens, however, and soon the vodka plans turned into cognac plans. After much research and speaking to multiple distillers across the world, the Mingos found their distiller in Cognac, France, with over 40 years of experience and expertise, and it was game on.
Aquire taste cognac
Stephanie discusses their inspiration for creating Acquired Taste, saying that she and her husband are inspired by their Native American and African roots; "many [of their ancestors] were political fighters. They freed themselves from slavery, owned their own land and created family businesses… we are focused on replicating this success."Acquire Taste Cognac is smooth and sophisticated, with no additives so the flavors come directly from the grapes and the process. There are currently three Acquired Taste Cognac bottles: the Acquired Taste Cognac XO, aged 10 years, Acquired Taste Cognac VS, aged 2 years, and Acquired Taste Cognac VSOP, aged 6 years. Acquired Taste Cognac XO won an international wine and spirits tasting competition, making their mark "in a competitive industry where few African American millennials have a seat at the table." 
Absinthia Vermut, female founder of the women owned Absinthia Absinthe

Absinthia Vermut, Founder of Absinthia Absinthe

Absinthia definitely has the right name for her line of work, and her award winning absinthe is helping to bring the wormwood based adult beverage back in the game after its legalization in 2007. Absinthia has been making absinthe since 1997, and her expertise shows in her farm to glass 55% ABV Absinthe Blanche and Absinthe Verte. Absinthia's products don't contain gluten, artificial coloring, or sugar, and both the blanche and verte absinthe bottles are made from organic, biodynamic grapes. The wormwood, anise, fennel, and coriander add a unique flavor to the drink, and Absinthia Absinthe is fabulous in cocktails as well as neat.

Absinthia absinthe

Absinthia created and owns Absinthia Absinthe, and "her knowledge of the history of absinthe is extensive, as is her understanding of the palate of today’s connoisseur of cocktail culture." Absinthia has won multiple awards for her products, and she and her absinthe have an air of experience, quality, and trustworthiness about them that makes buying and trying Absinthia's Absinthe a guaranteed positive experience. Quality and trustworthiness doesn’t take away from the magic of absinthe, however, and in Oscar Wilde’s opinion, “A glass of absinthe is as poetical as anything in the world. What difference is there between a glass of absinthe and a sunset?”

Kavita Channe- founder of woman owned wine brand, Rose Channe. Credits to Chris Headshots for the photo.

Kavita Channé, Founder of Channé Rosé

A Floridian originally from London with Indian roots, Kavita is a mom of two, TV host and sports broadcaster in addition to being a female wine entrepreneur. If you're wondering how a sports broadcaster/TV personality ended up in the wine industry… it all started with a trip to France. Kavita tried some impressive rosés, making her fall in love with the wine but on her return to the US, she found herself "shocked at the lack of quality and choices offered." And that's how it began. She went back to France to make the rosé she'd want for America, meeting with many French winemakers and finding the one. Channé Rosé won a medal from the Concours Général Agricole for in 2019, and for good reason. 

Kavita channel sip channe rose wine

Channé Rosé is a light copper colored dry and smooth fruity rosé wine, using Grenache, Cinsault and Mourvèdre grapes with hints of apricot, cherry, passion fruit and white flower flavors. It is  light, sophisticated, and smooth, and it's success prompted the launching of the Channé Blanc, a traditional white wine incorporating both Sémillon and Ugni Blanc grapes. Channé Blanc is a traditional Provence style blend; a dry, smooth, balanced wine with no sugar and no tannins. It has subtle hints of quince, floral, lemon, apricot, and acacia flowers, making it refreshing as well as sophisticated. 

 Jill Kuehler, founder of the woman owned Freeland Spirits gin and spirits brand

Jill Kuehler, Founder of Freeland Spirits

Freeland Spirits isn’t just proudly woman owned, it’s also woman inspired and women operated. Freeland Spirits is named after Jill’s grandma Freeland, who “taught that all good things come from scratch and that women can be anything they want to be.” Viewing alcoholic beverages as “a tool for celebration,” Freeland Spirits strives for that concept to be a core part of everything they do. 

Freeland Spirits products

Freeland Spirits offers a fresh, earthy, and bold Gin, a Bourbon in which “soft caramel, vanilla and spice dance into the whiskey from charred American oak barrels,” and a savory, spicy, and botanical Geneva, as well as a brave Navy Strength London-Dry style Gin. The strong gin was created in honor of the groundbreaking women who are paving the way in terms of equality for women in the workforce, with juniper at the forefront and nuances of forest greens, citrus, and spice. Freeland Spirits also sells two different canned spirits; the citrus, juniper, rose, and herb flavored Gin and Rose Tonic, which incorporates Freeland Gin and Portland Syrup’s Rose Tonic, and the French 75 can, described as what happens when “Freeland Gin, featuring fresh PNW botanicals, meets the rich Chehalem Chardonnay,” which adds a light and bubbly presence to any occasion. 

 Check out more craft spirits on TIPXY here!


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