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The 7 Greatest Galentine's Day Party Drinks

The 7 Greatest Galentine's Day Party Drinks

What is Galentine's Day?

Like many great things, Galentine's Day started from a TV show. Galentine's Day was born in the 22nd episode of the sitcom Parks and Recreation in 2010. Galentine's day is all about celebrating friendships with the gals, the female friendship equivalent to romantic love on Valentine's Day. 

When is Galentine's Day?

Galentine's Day is officially on February 13th every year, but when you choose to celebrate is up to you!

The Top 7 Gal-Owned Wine and Spirit Brands For Galentine's Day

What better way to celebrate your female friendships than with some woman owned booze brands? High quality, fun, and female owned, these 7 bottles will have you partying with the girls like never before!

bestie bubbly moscato galentines day wine to buy

1. Bestie Bubbly Moscato ($20.99)

There's no better Galentine's Day bottle of wine than Bestie Bubbly Moscato, a light and refreshing full grape moscato with floral aromas, sweet light flavors of peach, apricot, and melon made by Andrea Marie Wines.

"Bestie Bubbly was created to celebrate the countless cherished memories I’ve made drinking wine with my best friends. Memories filled with unwavering support, laughter, tears and dancing"   -Andrea

2. Black Momma Chai Tea Vodka ($39.99)

Grab some Black Momma Chai Tea Vodka for your Galentine's Day party- you won't regret it! Black Momma Chai Vodka is a 5x distilled vodka made with whey and infused with natural tea leaves from India, a chai spice and herb blend, and a finishing touch of Black Momma cinnamon agave. 

With notes of cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, and creamy vanilla, this no chemical, and artificial flavor free sustainable spirit is the ideal flavored vodka for your gal get-together. 

acquired taste cognac buy online galentine's day woman owned

3. Acquired Taste Cognac VS ($53.99)

Elegant and sophisticated, Acquired Taste Cognac VS is made from ugni blanc and colombard grapes, and has both aromatic and tasting notes of oak, vanilla and raisin with a very smooth finish. Aged 2 years in French limousin oak barrels, the V.S (very special) Cognac has a beautifully golden hue. 

Co-owned by Stephanie Mingo, Acquired Taste is a high end way to sip and celebrate with your girlfriends!

channe rose sip channa kavita channe buy woman owned alcohol brands galentines day

4. Channe Rose Wine ($19.99)

Sip Channe Rose Wine is an elegant, dry, crisp and smooth rose with a luminous pale copper color and low acidity. It's rich and fruity on the nose with hints of apricot, cherry, passion fruit and white flowers. 

Founded by Kavita Channe, former sports broadcaster, after she tried an amazing rose wine in France and then endlessly sipped rose wines that just didn't compare in the US. Kavita created Sip Channe Wines to fill that gap, and when you try it with the gals, you'll know what Channe Rose is all about. 

absinthia absinthe

5. Absinthia Absinthe Verte ($37.99)

Absinthe is a historic drink that was illegal for a while in the US, post Prohibition. However, Absinthia Vermut, the dynamic founder and owner of Absinthia Absinthe, has been creating absinthe much before its legalization in 2007, she decided to create her brand despite no business background and her status as a single mom. When you taste her product, you'll know she succeeded. 

Made from biodynamic grapes and certified organic artemesia absinthium (grande wormwood), anise, fennel, and coriander, Absinthe Verte is naturally colored golden, peridot green with organic herbs including artemesia pontica, lemon balm, and anise hyssop. 

6. Pinaq Colada Liqueur ($29.99)

A tropical liqueur made with Jamaican Rum, Fresh Dutch Cream, and Premium Dutch Vodka, Pinaq Liqueur is the Galentine's drink for feeling like you're sitting on the beach with the gals- even in the middle of February! Watch Marina Yusupova, co-founder of Pinaq Liqueur, talk about Pinaq Colada above. 

Smooth, creamy, and made from a mixture of real coconut extract softly blended with pineapples, Jamaican rum, and vanilla- this fun, tropical drink is what your Galentine's Day Party needs! 

Freeland Spirits Bourbon founder jill kuehler and master distiller molly troupe

7. Freeland Spirits Bourbon Whiskey ($47.99)

Named for founder Jill Kuehler's Grandma Freeland, Freeland Spirits is a proud woman owned, growned, distilled, and operated craft distillery and brand. Freeland Spirits celebrates those "who are busting through the glass ceilings and soaring. These are people who think and act in an uninhibited way without worrying about so-called rules or norms."

Freeland Spirits Bourbon has subtle notes of soft caramel, vanilla and spice, entering the whiskey from charred American oak barrels. It's smooth, rounded, and full of warm comforting flavors. Founded and distilled by inspiring women Jill Kuehler and Molly Troupe, Freeland Spirits Bourbon is the perfect choice if your gals are whiskey lovers! 

Whatever your choice of drink, the goal is to spend time with and celebrate those female friendships that keep you going- regardless of any SO in your life. 

Happy Galentine's Day from TIPXY!

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