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Top 3 Craft Tequilas To Try in 2023

Top 3 Craft Tequilas To Try in 2023

 You've probably tried some basic brand name tequila, but we have some suggestions for the best blanco, reposado, and unique style anejo tequilas you've never even heard of, so you can add them to your must haves for 2023.

Photo Credits: Javier Salazar Villagomez CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

What are the 3 basic types of tequila?

  1. Blanco tequila, aka silver or platinum tequila, has a distinctly sharp and crisp flavor that comes from the lack of aging in the blanco tequila-making process.
  2. Reposado is aged for less than a year, giving it some color as well as added smoothness, and often reposado has more oaky, vanilla, and caramel flavor notes.
  3. Anejo is aged for longer than a year, and there are multiple variations of the anejo tequila, including extra anejo and the unique cristalino anejo tequila. Anejo is great for sipping neat, and has a deeper and richer honeyed flavor profile along with a smooth silkiness to it's texture. 
Check out our top 3 craft tequila recommendations, and find out what makes each bottle different as well as how and where to find these unique craft bottles:

1. Our Craft Blanco Suggestion: Zarza Tequila Silver 

Zarza has an awesome brand aesthetic, and their Zarza Tequila Silver bottle is no exception. The Zarza Silver is made from blue agave sourced from two different regions of Jalisco, the Highlands and Lowlands. The Volcán de Tequila ensures that the region has rich volcanic soil, which creates quality agave and, of course, quality tequila.

The mix of flavors from the Jalisco Highlands and Lowlands contributes to the flavor profile of the Zarza Tequila Silver as well, and the result is a beautifully fresh, clean, and crisp blanco tequila with lingering and tingling spice notes. 

Get the Zarza Tequila Silver bottle on here for only $49.99.

Laneta - Reposado Tequila

2. The Most Awesome Reposado Bottle: Laneta Reposado Tequila

 Laneta is known for their tequila bottle designs, but  they don't compromise on quality when it comes to what's inside! The Laneta reposado bottle is elegant, sophisticated, and represents what's inside: a smooth, deep, and complex flavor profile.

The reposado bottle has been described as being "like the floral aroma of a midsummer night’s silky breeze washing over your skin," both dramatic and subtle at the same time. Created to represent elegance alongside the hard work and grit that is the reality of the tequila-making process, the Laneta Reposado craft tequila bottle is our reposado pick for 2023. 

Get Laneta Reposado Tequila on here for only $125.99.

 right image

3. The Unique Craft Anejo Bottle: Butterfly Cannon Silver Cristalino

Perhaps the most unique bottle on this list, the Butterfly Cannon Silver Cristalino is our value pick for 2023. Deceptively crystal clear, this silver tequila bottle is created utilizing the cristalino method, in which smooth, aged, and therefore colored anejo tequila is filtered through charcoal.

The cristalino process removes the color and some of the oak and vanilla tasting notes left by the barrels the tequila was aged in. The result is a beautifully clear cristalino tequila: a combination of the bluntly refreshing notes of a silver tequila with the depth, sophistication, and complexity of an anejo.

Butterfly Cannon doesn't just make great tequila, they also donate to the Monarch Butterfly Conservatory Fund, with the goal of preserving the beautiful and endangered monarch migration. (Check out this link to learn more.) Crisp, clear, and complex, the Butterfly Cannon Silver Cristalino is our craft tequila value pick for 2023.

Get Butterfly Cannon Silver Cristalino on here for only $37.99.

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