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Butterfly Cannon Tequila

Butterfly Cannon Tequila

The Butterfly Cannon Tequila Conservation Mission

"We have plans to help preserve the natural wonder of the butterfly migration and rather than creating another celebrity brand, we wanted to produce an authentic, sustainably-produced Tequila with real heritage. We will be making contributions to special projects including The Monarch Butterfly Fund that aim to preserve the natural habitat of butterflies in North America and Mexico, for generations to come.”

- Elwyn Gladstone, founder of Butterfly Cannon Tequila

The Butterfly Cannon Name

The name Butterfly Cannon comes from the impressive annual migration of monarch butterflies to Mexico, pictured in the slideshow above. According to, "each fall the monarch butterfly travels thousands of miles to spend the winter in the forests on 12 mountaintops in central Mexico." Not only that, but the monarch butterfly migration is considered "the most spectacular two-way migration carried out by an insect." The Butterfly Cannon Tequila brand is named for a beautiful feat of butterfly performance, perhaps in hopes that their tequila inspires its consumers to take flight and accomplish.


Unfortunately, while the monarchs keep migrating, much of their destination in Mexico is being destroyed, due to different factors such as "intensive and often illegal farming." The forests the butterflies migrate towards "provide unique microclimatic conditions," conditions that are the reason monarchs make it through the winter months. As these forests are destroyed and degraded in various ways, the monarch butterfly winter population in Mexico is diminishing. The Butterfly Cannon Tequila brand donates regularly to the Monarch Butterfly Conservation Fund, in order to help "conserve the magic of the monarch migration" with whom it shares its name. 

The Butterfly Cannon Tequila Itself

Butterfly Cannon is a super premium, 100% agave 80 proof tequila brand designed for mixology, with three bottles on the market. The process for each bottle starts off the same; 7-8 year old agave "is harvested by hand and baked in traditional steam ovens before being mashed, fermented and distilled." Due to the color and properties of the Butterfly Cannon Tequila bottles, they create beautifully colored cocktails that are fun to make, sip, and serve, while also maintaining super premium quality. 

butterfly cannon blue tequila

The Butterfly Cannon Blue Tequila

Tasting Notes

In addition to its unique shape and color, the Blue Butterfly Cannon tequila bottle has unique tasting notes as well. After viewing the beautifully bright light blue liquid's appearance, with a bit of a swirl, aromas of pink grapefruit skin, agave, and fresh citrus blossom will surface. The taste is refreshing and pulpy, with a long finish.

The Process

Butterfly Cannon Blue is made from expertly fermented and distilled agave that becomes the super premium silver, or blanco, tequila, following which Mexican blue grapefruit peel, prickly pear, beet juice for color are added. After that comes filtration and bottling in the beautiful butterfly blue bottle with the monarch design. The beautiful blue color of the tequila, upon mixing with classic cocktail ingredients such as soda, tonic, or citrus juices, turns pink, making the color unique in more ways than one. 

pink butterfly cannon tequila bottleThe Butterfly Cannon Rosa Tequila

Tasting Notes

A similar shape and design as the Blue bottle, the Butterfly Cannon Rosa Tequila is another silver tequila, but this one is a stunning clear light pink. Aromas consist of pink grapefruit skin, agave, and fresh citrus blossom, and the finish is again long, refreshing, and with a bit of pulpy flavor. 

The Process

Butterfly Cannon Rosa Tequila is made from agave that's about 8 years old, fermented and distilled until it becomes the super premium silver tequila, following which it is infused with Mexican pink grapefruit. The result is the aesthetically pleasing pink tequila, with "sweet and tart citrus flavors layered with rich agave taste." After that comes filtration and bottling, with a green and black cork and label design that complements the pastel pink of the rosa tequila. 


Where to Buy Butterfly Cannon Tequila Online in the US, known as the best place to buy craft spirits online, ships the Blue and Rosa Butterfly Cannon Tequila bottles to almost all states in the US, with free shipping on orders $99 or above. 

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