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Top 3 Artisanal Rums of 2023

Top 3 Artisanal Rums of 2023

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1. Vitae Spirits Distiller’s Reserve Smoked Rum ($49.99)

The Vitae Spirits Distiller's Reserve Smoked Rum is a unique limited edition small batch rum made from a combination of pecan wood smoke, sugar cane juice, and a toasted oak infusion. Vitae Spirits is known for their scientific approach to creating the best spirits, and the Vitae Spirits Smoked Rum is no exception.

The Distiller's Reserve Smoked Rum has smooth, sweet, pecan smoke aromas that re-emerge as tasting notes and leave lingering full-bodied flavors on the palate. The smoked pecan and oak flavors make this artisanal smoked rum unique, and one of our top 3 craft rum picks for 2023. 

To learn more about Vitae Spirits, check out the Tipxy blog, Gettin' Crafty With Our SpiritThe Spirits of Life and The Scientist Behind Them

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2. Rockhopper Rum($52.99)

A rocking combo of Guatemalan, Dominican, and Panamanian rum, Rockhopper Rum is aged in bourbon barrels for at least 5 years. Rockhopper brings with it aromas of banana, vanilla, oak, and bourbon, while tasting notes include grilled pineapple, orange peel, and caramel.

Named after the rockhopper penguin for its fierce spirit and bold pure flavors, the complexity and smoothness of this craft Belgian rum make it a great pick for a neat sipping rum. 

To learn more about Rockhopper Rum, check out the Tipxy blog, Gettin' Crafty With Our Spirits: Rockhopper Rum... But Why The Angry Penguin?

white rum craft sweet crude tipxy

3. Wildcat Brothers Sweet Crude French Style Rum ($27.99)

The award-winning Sweet Crude Craft White Rum is a clean, pure, and refreshing white rum made with no molasses and is perfect to sip neat as well a great addition to any cocktails requiring rum, especially french style rum cocktails like the Rouler!

Sweet Crude French Style White Rum has light and sweet aromas of locally grown sugar cane, along with tasting notes of honeyed agave nectar, golden treacle, and delicate sugar cane. 


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