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The Only Jerk I Get Along With

The Only Jerk I Get Along With

The Soda Jerk Shots Liqueur Brand was created out of historical inspiration, a fusing together of the early 1900s soda foundation vibe and the modern appreciation of craft alcoholic beverages. Soda Jerk Shots bring back those happy carnival memories but add in a much welcome alcoholic kick.

What is a Soda Jerk?

Nope, a soda jerk is not someone who won't share their coke.

Soda Jerk

The term soda jerk originated from the motion the person behind the fountain counter made when preparing a drink, jerking the handle of the soda machine back and forth. Whoever was manning the counter at a soda fountain became known as the soda jerk, a play on the more classic drugstore fountain operator term "soda clerk." While there is no official start date for when people started using the term, it became popular slang in the 1920s and carried over all the way to the 1950s. Soda jerks were also known for having a specialized lingo, saying things like "hold the hail" instead of no ice, and "spit on it" instead of saying to add raspberries on top. They also had unique names for basic ingredients, referring to milk as "baby" or "cow juice," orange as "Florida," chocolate ice cream as "mud," and hundreds more. 

Michael Karl Witzel, author of the The American Drive-In and The American Diner, describes "the archetypal soda jerk" as a "consummate showman, innovator and freelance linguist...the pop culture star of the Gilded Age."

To summarize, soda jerks were basically the bartenders and entertainment of the soda fountain shops, where they'd jerk their machines and create all types of fountain drinks using soda, ice cream, a lot of confusing words and a couple of other things.

A classic early 1900s drugstore fountain soda, aka a soda jerk diner, with the soda jerk behind the counter awaiting customers.

 A Modern Day Taste

 Described as "an American made, great tasting familiar flavored shot that takes a touch of nostalgia & mixes it with today’s modern age;" the Soda Jerk Shot brand takes the magic, joy, and wholesome fun of the soda fountain era (which was also the Prohibition Era), adds some alcohol for a bit of kick, and serves it up to a contemporary audience as Soda Jerk liquor.


Soda Jerk Shots 

orange cream soda jerk
Orange Cream Soda Jerk 

 The Soda Jerk Orange Cream Shot is reminiscent of a dreamsicle, with flavors of orange soda and creamy vanilla ice cream along with the 70 proof kick. Flavor profiles include a sweet taste, almost syrupy, with a creamy smooth finish and that soda jerk alcohol kick. 

Apparently, "Soda Jerk Shot is smooth. No dare, no scare, no chaser required. Simply chill, shoot and enjoy!"


rootbeer shot soda jerk

Root Beer Soda Jerk 

The Soda Jerk Root Beer Shot is basically a 35% ABV fizz-less root beer; and according to Jones N Mann's Soda Jerk Root Beer Review, "the 70 proof packs a really good punch."

Tasting notes include a flavor profile that is "lightly sweet, not overly boozy," with a "long creamy finish noteworthy of your favorite 50/50 bar, or Rootbeer float, with a little bit of kick." It is crisp, smooth, and all American, with a nice creamy finish. 


Where to Buy Soda Jerk In the US?

 Both the Orange Cream and Root Beer Soda Jerk bottles can be found easily online at, where they are each $33.99 and that includes free shipping for orders $99 and over. Click here to buy the Soda Jerk Orange Cream Shot online and here for the Soda Jerk Root Beer Shot, with free delivery to almost every state in the US for orders that qualify. 

And don't forget- "Soda Jerk reminds you, be a jerk responsibly!"

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