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Best Small Batch Bourbons of 2023

Best Small Batch Bourbons of 2023

These top 3 small batch bourbons of 2023 all under $100, and were chosen for their quality, flavor profiles, complexity, and unique craft stories. 

These small batch bourbons have a quality that no large bourbons brands can match; they are infused with the entrepreneurial spirit, hard work, and attention to detail that can only be present in a small craft business.  


 1. John Emerald Double Oak Bourbon ($35.99)

John Emerald Craft Distillery is a small batch craft distillery located in Opelika, Alabama, and prides itself on honoring the founders' ancestry in every bottle. 

The award-winning Purveyor's Series Double Oak Bourbon is aged in new American oak barrels, and incorporates a unique finishing process using toasted American white oak chips, adding them to the barrel. The result is a beautifully oaky, smooth, and complex bourbon, with aromas of leather and sandalwood and pleasant honeyed tasting notes of caramel and sweet corn. Our value pick at only $35.99 on, you can't go wrong with this rustic small batch bourbon bottle. 

Find out more about the John Emerald Craft Distillery story here.


2. Boondocks Straight Bourbon Whiskey ($61.99)

Boondocks Craft Whiskey Distillery is located in Bardstown, Kentucky, as a way of honoring history and tradition. The story behind the Boondocks Small Batch Bourbon involves the old whiskey making guru, Dave Scheurich, coming out of retirement to launch a new craft whiskey brand he was passionate about. In his words, "I thought I'd ride off into the sunset [upon retirement]... but it didn't work that way. I had an opportunity to use my knowledge to develop a new brand."

The Boondocks Straight Bourbon is aged in port barrels, which adds a subtle port finish; Boondocks Bourbon is a full, round, and fruity warm bourbon, with aromas of vanilla and oak. Notes of raisin, smoke, vanilla, and oak grace the palette, and the mouthfeel is large and spicy, with a long, smooth finish.

Find out more about Dave Scheurich and the Boondocks craft story here.

3. Yellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey ($59.99)

The Yellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey stems from a proud small-batch distillery in Houston, Texas; Yellow Rose Distillery was actually the first legal distillery in Houston, an answer to the founders' question: "with all the things that make us proud of Houston — the culture, diversity, our collective story — can a city really consider itself world-class without a hometown whiskey?"

Yellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon is Texas through and through, with its name commemorating an old Texas folklore about a brave woman known as the Yellow Rose of Texas. Yellow Rose Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey is made entirely of Texas yellow corn, uses a traditional pot still in the small-batch spirit, and is aged in American oak barrels. Outlaw is rich, sweet, and full-bodied, with notes of vanilla, caramel, and subtle floral, as well as a long, lasting finish. buy small batch bourbon online free shipping

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