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A Sip of Tropical Paradise: Pináq Liqueur

A Sip of Tropical Paradise: Pináq Liqueur

With Pináq Original, Rosé, Blue, and Pináq Colada flavors, there's a Pináq Liqueur bottle for every occasion and in just the right color to brighten any mood. 

The Pharmacist Behind Pináq Liqueur

The woman-owned Pináq Liqueur brand began when a woman named Marina Yusupova got tired of her job. As a pharmacist working 13 hour shifts, Marina was on the lookout for a career change; and while on vacation with her husband in St. Barths, she finally had the perfect idea.

Inspired by the tropical drink she was served in a carved out pineapple, Marina decided that bright, bold, alcoholic, and pineapple shaped was the way to go. The idea for Pináq Liqueur was born in an apt place, as the beautiful island of St. Barths shares many adjectives with the Pináq bottles: bold, bright, tropical, and irresistible.  

marina yusupova and gabriel yusupova selling pinaq liqueur at a stand

Marina and her husband Gabriel launched and started selling two and a half years later, after working hard and finding the perfect bottle design and flavor mixes for multiple bottles of Pináq Liqueur. 


As seen clearly in the insta reel above, Marina is a natural and puts her heart and soul into the Pináq business, with a hands on and fun social media presence. Definitely worth taking a look at the Pináq Insta and TikTok for some creative cocktail ideas and fun videos all about Pináq!

Pináq Liqueur- Where To Buy Online?

Now that you understand the brand and its founding history, the question is where can you get your very own alcohol in a pineapple shaped bottle? Pináq is available in select liquor stores, but thankfully, you can also buy Pinaq online. The best place to buy Pináq Original, Pináq Rosé, Pináq Colada and Pináq Blue online is, where you can order from your bed and have it arrive a few days later. makes it easy for your to enjoy your craft adult beverages no matter where you live or what your schedule is like, and it goes without saying that if your choice is Pináq, you'll enjoy it. 

Pinaq Price

On TIPXY, the Pinaq price varies, depending on size. The Pinaq Liqueur mini bottles cost $11.99, for additional cuteness and 50ml of liqueur in either the Pinaq Original, Rose, Blue, or Colada flavor. 

The full size bottles contain 750 ml of Pinaq and you can buy online for only $36.99. No need for endless searching for those Pinaq liqueur bottles near you!

pinaq liqueur all flavors top on fire

The Pináq Liqueur Flavors

The Pináq bottles have a unique feature shown above, making the bottles fun, tropical, and exciting, but adding an element of usefulness as well. The pineapple leaf Pináq bottle top simply unscrews and then re-screws on to the bottom, making your open bottle as aesthetically pleasing as the closed one. No worries about looking for the cover or the bottle charm disappearing when the bottle is opened- when the Pináq bottle opens, the joy begins.

Pináq Original Tropical Liqueur

pinaq original tropical liquuer

The Pináq Liqueur Original comes in an exotic and glamorous yellow gold bottle, and it includes French VSOP Cognac, Premium Dutch Vodka and real passion fruit.

After untwisting that pineapple crown, aromas of passion fruit, honey, pineapple, and caramel will waft out of that yellow original Pináq bottle. When the sweet liqueur hits the tongue, it will taste slightly acidic with tropical fruit flavors, with a warm aftertaste of the VSOP Cognac. 

Pináq Rosé

Pink bottle of Pináq Liqueur Rosé lying down with a tropical class of Pináq Rosé to the right and a plate of pineapple to the left.

Popping with energy and color, this bright pink Pináq bottle adds a heavenly twist to the Pináq Liqueur Orinigal. Pináq Rosé is made with French VSOP Cognac, Premium Dutch Vodka and the finishing touch: a splash of Rosé Wine.

The aromas for Pináq Rosé include tropical fruit with hints of strawberries, raspberries, and "ruby red apples," while the taste is a divine combination of rosé wine and berries, with, of course, the French VSOP Cognac finish. 

Barbie Mimosa Cocktail Reel 

Pináq Colada 

Pineapple shaped white and gold bottle of Pináq Colada with glass of Pinaq Colada cocktail to the right on a table.

Pináq Colada is just what everyone wants to be holding when they're sitting on the beach or relaxing on the couch dreaming that they're sitting on the beach. A tropical liqueur with Jamaican rum, fresh Dutch cream, and premium Dutch vodka, Pináq Colada is the ideal addition or alternative to your favorite pina colada recipe.

The aromas include hints of coconut, pineapple, vanilla, rum, and slight nuances of caramel. Pináq Colada is full of tropical charm and flavor, with a creamy texture and the taste of coconut and pineapples along with Jamaican rum and vanilla.

Pinaq Colada On The Rocks Cocktail Recipe

Pináq Blue

Blue pineapple shaped Pináq Blue Liqueur bottle with martini glass filled with a Pináq Blue cocktail in front.

Pináq Blue Liqueur comes in a bright blue shiny pineapple shaped bottle that does not disappoint once opened. The blue bottle has slight hints of sweet saffron together with fruit juices, 5x distilled premium vodka, and that smooth French VSOP Cognac.

Citrus, passion fruit, and other tropical fruit aromas make the mouth water, leading straight into the Pináq Blue Liqueur palate consisting of fresh, smooth, and tangy fruit, cognac, and vodka flavor combinations.


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