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Pinaq - Colada Liqueur

by Pinaq
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Tropical Liqueur made with Jamaican Rum, Fresh Dutch Cream, and Premium Dutch Vodka.

Tasting notes

Smooth, creamy mixture of real coconut extract softly blended with pineapples, Jamaican rum, and vanilla without an artificial aftertaste.

750ml / VI

Additional Product Info

Pinaq - Colada

Piñaq Colada brings another tropical bounty to your glass — The coconut. This is the classic piña colada remixed with piñaq ORIGINAL and sweet, creamy coconut — carefully crafted and blended to perfection.

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About Piñaq Liqueur

Piñaq does what so many alcohol brands attempt to do: they transport you. You can smell the salty ocean breeze. You feel the tropical sunlight dancing on your skin, filtered through breeze-blown palm leaves. You can taste the coconut-infused richness of paradise.


And that’s before you open the bottle.

Irresistible Liqueur

Yep, every Piñaq drink comes in a pineapple-shaped container. To access its earthly pleasures, you must simply unscrew the leaves (these also attach upside-down to the bottom of the bottle, giving it a nifty little stand) and pour. You have several liqueurs to choose from. There’s the Piñaq Original, a tropical Liqueur consisting of French VSOP Cognac and Premium Dutch Vodka flavored with passion fruit, pineapple and honey. Then there’s the rosé, which replaces the passion fruit with a bit of the pink stuff. Their Piñaq Colada combines Jamaican Rum, Fresh Dutch Cream and Premium Dutch Vodka in the most heavenly proportions possible. Then there’s Piñaq Blue, an assortment of fruit juices with vodka and cognac. You simply can’t go wrong with a drink that makes you this happy before you even drink it.

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