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5 Gins to Try and Why: Blind Tiger Gin Belgium

5 Gins to Try and Why: Blind Tiger Gin Belgium

The 5 Gins to Try and Why series highlights 5 unique and highly recommended craft gin brands available on The Blind Tiger story originated back in the 1920s, but the gin brand is keeping the history alive with it's complex and bold Blind Tiger Belgian Gin bottles.

The Blind Tiger Gin Story 

Back in the prohibition days, people got creative when it came to getting their gin, and Blind Tiger was named Blind Tiger to commemorate  "the creativity of yesteryear." Speakeasies used to charge and give out tickets for viewing a "blind tiger" in the backroom, and these tickets were redeemed for a gin cocktail. 

blind tiger, aka speakeasy

Speakeasies were often known as blind tigers, and the name soon became associated with a safe place for gin lovers to go during an era of alcohol constraint. The blind tiger name also connotes the ferociousness of the gin, with a wild and blind reckless abandon of flavors. Created in western Belgium, the muti-award winning Blind Tiger Gin is a craft gin expertly distilled in small batches "in the back room of a concealed distillery," very much in the spirit of their name. Blind Tiger Gin gives off an aura of power and defiance, using unique botanicals that create a bold and fierce flavor.

The Blind Tiger Gin Belgian Bottles 

Blue Blind Tiger Piper Cubeba Gin Bottle
Blind Tiger Piper Cubeba

The Blind Tiger Piper Cubeba incorporates 15 seperate botanicals: the all important juniper berries, coriander seeds, malted barley, licorice root, angelica root, orris root, lemon peel, sweet orange peel, bitter orange peel, orange blossom, ginger rhizome, green cardamom, cubeb berries, lavender, and a mysterious secret ingredient, an unknown Belgian botanical. 

In making this 47% ABV gin, all the botanicals except the cubeb berries are macerated and distilled in a copper pot still, to reach the depth of flavor and sophistication present in the Blind Tiger Gins. The distilled cubeb pepper is added afterwards, giving it it's name and unique flavor combination. 

Tasting notes include a "peppery kick," along with more earthy flavors of ginger, licorice, and cardamom. The aftertaste is smooth, long, and warm, resulting from the malted barley, and it finishes with citrus and a slight nuance of Belgian hops. 

Brown Blind Tiger Imperial Secrets Gin bottle
Blind Tiger Imperial Secrets Belgian Gin

The Blind Tiger Imperial Secrets Gin gets its name from the three "meticulously distilled imperial black teas" from Assam, Cashmere and Yunnan. It utilizes 11 different botanicals in the gin making process; juniper berries, coriander seeds, grains of paradise, angelica root, iris root, lemon peel, bitter almond, lemon grass, china yunnan matured tea, imperial pu-erh himalaya secret of cashmere black tea, and assam black tea harmutty

The process includes all the botanicals but the imperial teas being macerated and distilled in a copper pot still, with the teas being distilled separately and added in afterwards. 

When sipped, notes of citrus, coriander, and lemon grass can be tasted, with hints of those imperial black teas and a smooth lingering aftertaste of alcohol grain spirit.

Where to Buy Blind Tiger Gin 

Blind Tiger Gin, exclusively manufactured in Belgium, is in high demand and sold around the world. However, it is rarely available in stores in the US, making it a difficult gin bottle to find locally. 

blind tiger

The best place to buy Belgian Blind Tiger Gin in the US is, of course, online at, which delivers to most states across the US. Tipxy specializes in bringing craft gin and other alcoholic beverages to people across America, and makes it possible for exclusively Belgian Gin, such as the Blind Tiger Piper Cubeba and Imperial Secrets, to be an option for anyone looking for a new high quality gin that's entirely different from the usual. 

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