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Sweet Crude - American Made French Style Rum


Before there was bourbon here in the U.S., there was rum. The longtime reigning spirit for mixing cocktails, rum continues to tempt our taste buds and warm our hearts. Along comes SWEET CRUDE, made with heart in Lafayette, LA, where we can see and touch the sugar cane used to make our unique mash bills.

Winner of the Washington Cup Spirits competition, SWEET CRUDE rum is truly sweet, smooth, and perfect for mixing. SWEET CRUDE is the official French style rum of the Louisiana cocktail dubbed The Rouler.

Here at Wildcat Brothers Distillery, we take pride in the fact that no molasses is used during this fermentation, resulting in white rum with a clean, refreshingly light flavor that’s easy to sip.

Ready to mix it up? Our small batch SWEET CRUDE rum will keep you coming back for more.

Tasting notes

SugarCane - Delicate, light and sweet–the flavors and aromas of our local crop.

Agave Nectar - Pure and natural, robust sweetness similar to wild honey.

Treacle - Lightly toasted, golden syrup perfect for a French dessert.

Wildcat Brothers
750 ml
United States
Lafayette, Louisiana

Additional Product Info

Featured Sweet Crude Cocktail: The Rouler 

The official cocktail of Lafayette, LA… Let the Good Times “Rouler!” 

2 oz Sweet Crude Rum 
2 oz Sweet and Sour 
½ oz Simple Syrup 
5-10 Drops of Bitters 
2 oz Club Soda 

Glass & Ice: Rocks glass with a scoop of ice 

 Method: Stir all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and pour over ice. 

 Garnish: Cherry

About Wildcat Brothers Distilling

The Wildcat Brothers adhere to a meticulous, small-batch method to produce a rum like no other. In one sense, we might be the most unlikely distillers you’ll ever meet because we are completely self-taught. As a lawyer and Ph.D., we asked ourselves, “What’s the difference between that $7.00 bottle of liquor and that $70.00 bottle of liquor?" Our curiosity led to research. Research evolved into practice. Practice flowered into passion. Passion grew into awards. Awards grew into fans. Before he knew it, our Chief Distiller, David Meaux, had taught himself how to distill a rum that continues to draw patrons from as far away as France to friends right down the road. 

 The resulting unique French style rum is the foundation of all Wildcat Brothers Distilling’s Heritage Rum Line. With this anchoring line of spirits, we continue to expand the distillery’s capabilities, experimental ingredients and techniques, and spirits offerings. Expect our ancestors to speak through our spirits as we grow to redefine southern Louisiana as “New Acadiana,” merging old-world recipes with modern techniques.

The Distillery

Here at Wildcat Brothers Distilling, we don’t claim to have reinvented the wheel. We’re just trying to conserve our ancestors’ memories by honoring their traditions; with natural ingredients, local resources, and insanely delicious rum. We are the first distillery in Acadiana, running our still for our first production of spirits in 2011. Our rums are produced by hand in small batches with no importation of foreign molasses or sugarcane byproducts. Just the way it should be. And people have taken notice as our Sweet Crude rum won the distinguished Washington Cup Award within just a few years of our production.
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