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Mis Amigos - Chocolate Cream Tequila Liqueur

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The oh so moorish Mis Amigos Chocolate Tequila has been blended by our Master with soft cream to produce a delicious Tequila cream drink. A great after dinner drink, or shot to start the party! The Tequila provides the kick, whilst the

chocolate and cream leaves a long-lasting flavour that only makes you pour another.

Tasting notes

Finest Dark Quality Chocolate is combined with Soft Double Cream and Sweet Mexican Tequila.

Enjoy as a shot straight-up, on the rocks or even topped with light and fluy whipped cream.

Mis Amigos
700ml / VI-MB, 700ml / VI

Additional Product Info

How it all started...

In the midst of a business trip in Mexico, a chance discovery unfolded when G & I Spirit Group founder stumbled upon a family-operated distillery crafting their own Agave/tequila spirit. Intrigued by the family's warm invitation to share a meal, a connection quickly formed as both parties realized their shared passion for natural ingredients and a deep appreciation for the wonders of nature. This encounter sparked the creation of Mis Amigos Tequila and Agave, a unique range of drinks infused with traditional Mexican ingredients grown and produced ethically. Rooted in a philosophy advocating for the symbiotic growth of all things in the universe, the family behind Mis Amigos believes that nurturing nature leads to affluence in society. The collection, featuring flavors like chocolate, chocolate and lime, and coffee Agave/Tequila, stands as a testament to the commitment to harmonious balance with nature and a conscious decision to refrain from exploiting natural resources for mere material gains.


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The Chocolate Creame Tequila

Indulge in the irresistible allure of Mis Amigos Chocolate Cream Tequila, a harmonious blend expertly crafted by our Master to create a delectable Tequila cream drink. Perfect for post-dinner indulgence or as a spirited shot to kickstart festivities, this exquisite concoction seamlessly marries the bold kick of Tequila with the velvety richness of the finest dark quality chocolate and soft double cream. The result is a lingering flavor that beckons you for another pour. Whether savored as a straight-up shot, over ice, or luxuriously crowned with light and fluffy whipped cream, Mis Amigos Chocolate Cream Tequila promises a decadent experience that satisfies the senses and elevates any celebration. Embrace the seductive fusion of Tequila, chocolate, and cream in every sip—a symphony of flavors that invites you to savor the moment. Cheers to the pure indulgence of Mis Amigos Chocolate Cream!


A hot chocolate with an Espresso shot with a double kick of tequila! A shot of coffee and chocolate cream tequila is added for good measure!

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