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Boondocks - Cask Strength 11 Year Old American Whiskey

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Boondocks Cask Strength 11 Year Old American Whiskey was a surprising item. Created by Royal Wine Corporation, it's stats make it a light whiskey: 80 to 90% corn, some rye and malted barley in the mashbill; distilled to above 160 proof; and aged in used oak barrels.

Tasting notes

Though the proof is high, the whiskey feels soft and pillowy in the mouth. It's a deft balance of malty corn cereal, milk chocolate, maple and vanilla sweetness mixed with earthier notes of oak, spice and leatheriness. Only a faint hot tickle catches the back of the throat at the end, though flavorwise, the finish comes up a bit short.

750 ml / VI
United States

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Boondocks American Whiskey Cask Strength 118 Proof has distinctive aromas of rich caramel and vanilla. A robust and pleasantly aggressive palate is highlighted by fall spices and oak that leaves a long lasting finish. This expression received a Gold Medal/91 Points in the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition 2016 and Best of Category in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2016.

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Why the name Boondocks?

Distilleries need plenty of room to operate and good, abundant water sources. Close proximity to grain supplies and to farmers who were willing to feed the spent mash to their livestock were also a must. Therefore, historically, it was prudent and practical to build distilleries in rural areas…or “the boondocks”. Boondocks sources its whiskeys from distilleries that are, for the most part, outside the city limits or in the boondocks.

Meet Dave

Boondocks Whiskey is brought to you by Whisky Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Dave Scheurich. And while you may have never heard his name, Dave has helped create some of America’s most recognized whiskeys over the last 40 years.

But all this talk would make Dave blush.

The real audience Dave cares about has enjoyed the drinks he created and has never given a second thought to the artist behind the scenes. And that’s just fine with Dave.

His love, passion and expertise are legendary – and can be found in every bottle of Boondocks, what may well be his crowning achievement.

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