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Black Momma - Peach Tea Vodka

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Vodka distilled with Whey infused with Natural Tea leaves from India with a blend of spices and herbs of fruity peaches with a finishing touch of Black Momma agave.

* Distilled 5x and filtered 5 times.

* No Chemicals, No Artificial Flavors, Sustainable, Premium Spirit, Gluten-Free

* Natural Infused Tea Leaves

All Handcrafted with Raw Ingredients! No Chemicals or added Flavoring.

It's not just a regular Vodka!

Tasting notes

Notes of Peach, Orange Peal, Allspice, and Several Proprietary Blend of Spices

*Tasting Panel: 90 points

Gravesande Braxton Distillers
750ml / VI, 750ml / VI-MB
United States
New York

Additional Product Info

Gravesande Braxton Distillers

The Gravesande is Dutch from the Netherlands and Scotland with a rich history in Government,  Scientists, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs in Real Estate. Even Making Scotch ( Beer, Wine and Spirits ) in Scotland in late 1890 after settling in Renfrewshire..but everyone made Scotch in the 1800's it was a way of life.  Vanessa wanted to honor her husband name Braxton which she carries still for over 27 years as a Wife and Mother and will be her legacy to her children and generations to come.

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Vanessa Braxton, Master Distiller

Vanessa Braxton is the First African American Woman Master Distiller and Master Blender in the US and probably the World! Vanessa Braxton created this Tea Vodka blend distilled with Whey! Black Momma was produced and blended with corn 10 years ago but with the saturation of the Vodka market,  Vanessa Braxton pivoted to distilled Whey which is sustainable without waste (a reduced carbon footprint).
Vanessa Braxton 100% owns the Distillery, Manufacturing Facility and a 15-acre Farm Grow House. 

Spiced Peach Serenade

2 oz Black Momma Peach Tea Vodka

1 oz peach puree

1/2 oz honey syrup

1/2 oz fresh orange juice

Dash of allspice dram

Ice cubes

Peach slice and fresh mint  (for garnish)


In a shaker, combine 2 oz of Black Momma Peach Tea Vodka, 1 oz of peach puree, 1/2 oz of honey syrup, 1/2 oz of fresh orange juice, and a dash of allspice dram. Add ice to the shaker and shake the mixture vigorously for about 15 seconds. Strain the blend into a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with a fresh peach slice and fresh mint for a fragrant and spiced touch. Stir gently to marry the flavors.

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