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15 Unique Bottles To Elevate Your New Year's Eve Party 2023

15 Unique Bottles To Elevate Your New Year's Eve Party 2023

Get ready to ring in New Years with a show-stopping bottle for an unforgettable new year! Forget the classic champagne- we've got all types of unique craft wines and spirits that will change things up in a memorable way.

Whether you're hosting, volunteered to bring drinks, or simply want to buy a cool gift, these 15 craft bottles will introduce you to amazing wine and spirits you've likely never seen before:

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1. Bestie Bubbly Moscato ($19.99)

Start the night off right with this refreshing bubbly moscato! This party wine is light, fruity, with a champagne finish, and appeals to both sweet and dry wine drinkers, making it perfect for a New Year's Party. 

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camus cognac bottle and box with design by melissa sutherland moss

2. Camus - VSOP Melissa Sutherland Moss ($74.99)

Lend elegance, art, and intrigue to your New Year's Eve party with this beautifully designed bottle of golden cognac. Not only is the bottle one of a kind, the cognac itself reveals a perfect balance between precious tannins and fresh notes of tropical fruits, followed by generous floral tones and fruity notes, spice, and vanilla on the palate. 

freeland spirits bourbon bottle teardrop shaped with whiskey barrels in the background

3. Freeland Spirits Bourbon Whiskey ($49.99)

For the whiskey lovers out there, this bourbon is a must-try. Created by an Oregon based, women owned brand, this uniquely shaped bourbon will entice your taste buds with it's soft caramel, vanilla and spice flavor notes.

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vitae spirits maple cream rum liqueur bottle with autumn foliage in the background

4. Vitae Spirits Maple Cream Rum Liqueur ($38.99) 

This Maple Cream Rum Liqueur is a warm and sweet explosion of flavors that will perfectly embody your hopes for the upcoming year. Loaded with sweet caramel aromas, roasted nut overtones, and the distinct influence of maple and quality rum, this Maple Cream liqueur is what your New Year's is missing!

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fecovita malbec dry red wine with sun and waving wheat in the background5. Fecovita Malbec Dry Red Wine ($11.99)

Experience the bold and robust flavors of this Malbec wine; it's deep red color and smooth finish make it a crowd-pleaser for any New Year's Eve party vibe. Pair with grilled sirloin, roasted chicken, or wild rice with mushrooms for a New Year's feast like no other! 

Laneta - Extra Anejo Tequila

6. Laneta Tequila Extra Anejo ($156.99)

Elevate your evening with a stunning bottle of tequila and add a level of unmatched elegance to your New Year's Eve. Laneta Tequila Extra Anejo is smooth and sophisticated, and the Laneta bottle ensures that New Years Eve is special indeed! 

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7. Licor 43 Horchata ($33.99)

Licor 43 Horchata is a rich and creamy liqueur created from the traditional horchata recipe from Valencia. This sweet dairy-free liqueur combines classic horchata flavors with the delicately sweet Mediterranean flavours of Licor 43 Original. It's booze like no other, and it's vegan friendly too!

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8. Kinsale Summer Cove Gin ($33.99)

Kinsale Spirits Summer Cove Gin holds the colorful local flavors of the southern Irish coast, resulting in a fruit forward London Dry Gin made from over 20 different botanicals. Flavorful and natural, Kinsale Summer Cove Gin is the best way to kick start a fresh new year! 

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9. Casa D'aristi Huana Guanabana Liqueur ($43.99) 

It doesn't get more uniquely exotic than the award winning Huana Guanábana Liqueur made by Casa D'Aristi! Guanábana is a large, spiny tropical fruit that grows in a dense jungle landscape, and Huana is the only guanábana fruit liqueur in the world, boasting fresh grassy notes on the nose, round tropical sweet notes with hints of lime, strawberry, and banana, and a creamy pulp. 

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10. Bailoni Gold-Apricot Brandy ($61.99)

Dry and smooth, the Bailoni Gold Apricot Brandy is a historic and unique choice for your New Year's Eve celebration. The first apricot distillery in Wachau, Bailoni's was created in 1872 and has been making people happy with their alcoholic apricot products ever since! 

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11. HVEN Organic Tycho's Star Single Malt Whisky ($146.99)

On a small remote island located in the strait between Denmark and Sweden lies a small family owned distillery like no other: Spirit of Hven. Spirit of Hven Distillery Tycho's Star Whisky, named for the island of Hven's most famous resident, has dark, almost mystical notes of leather and liquorice, embraced by a round scent of ripe plums. All this is elevated and refreshed by fragrances of apple and elderflowers and a soft finish. 

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12. Absinthia Verte Absinthe ($35.99)

Absinthe is one of those drinks with a reputation, but many have never tried a good absinthe. This New Years Eve is the time to change that! Absinthia's Verte Absinthe is distilled in California from biodynamic grapes, and is as smooth and elegant as the bottle it's clothed in. Organic herbs are added after distillation for the louche effect turning the absinthe verte (aka green).

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13. El De Bateo Mezcal ($58.99)

El De Bateo is made with the knowledge and cultural heritage passed down through generations of Mezcaleros in the central valleys of Oaxaca, and the result is unbelievable. Clean, bright, and fresh, this smokey cousin of tequila has notes of citrus, herbs, grass, and pineapple shell. It's inevitable that El De Bateo will wow your New Year's party guests!

tequila finishe rye whiskey with agave fields behind the bottle

14. Sagamore Spirit Tequila Finish Rye Whiskey ($66.99)

Sagamore Spirit is known for their unmatched rye whiskeys, but in this bottle, the usual Sagamore Spirit excellence is elevated even further after the whiskey is finished in extra anejo tequila barrels. The tequila and rye notes merge, resulting in a  remarkably unique tequila finished whiskey with notes of agave and vanilla on the nose and honey, peppercorn and orange citrus to taste.

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15. Plush Premium Plum Flavored Vodka ($29.99)

Plush Vodka is flavored with the soft, smooth, and sweet essence of the plum fruit. From the moment you release the cap you are instantly romanced by the sensual floral aroma meant to inspire with every sip. Whether over ice or as the spirit in a sophisticated cocktail, PLUSH will add something new to New Year's Eve! 

Cheers to a New Year's holiday like no other with these craft TIPXY bottles! 

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