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Top 3 Craft Vodka Bottles of 2023

Top 3 Craft Vodka Bottles of 2023

1. Mary White Vodka ($48.99)

mary white vodka buy online Mary White Vodka, named for the bootleg queen of the Prohibition Era, is a silky and tingly craft vodka with a combination of earthy grain flavors and light refreshing citrus. Notes of bread dough and lemon spice start on the nose, coming to sit beautifully on the palate, accompanied by undertones of malted barley. Mary White Vodka is as clean, smooth, and refreshing as the beautiful bottle that it comes in, and is good neat as well as in cocktails. 

Check out our article here to learn more about Mary White and female bootleggers during the Prohibition, not to mention some Mary White Vodka cocktail recipes!

2. Dented Brick Roofraiser Vodka ($38.99)

dented brick distillery raise the roof craft vodka top 3 craft vodkas 2023

Dented Brick Roofraiser Premium Vodka uses fresh limestone filtered well water drawn from the artesian well located inside the distillery in Utah. Utah's mountain snow melts throughout the year, and carrying many minerals along with it, ends up in the Dented Brick Distillery's artesian well. The water's unique flavors, combined with red winter wheat and pumpernickel rye, all locally sourced, create the multi-award winning Roofraiser Vodka. Vanilla bean and fresh white bread assuage the nose, with a smooth jasmine and baking spice finish. 

3. LVOV Vodka ($20.99)

lvov vodka

LVOV Vodka is the Tipxy Value Pick; a must try craft vodka for only $20! LVOV, a Polish Vodka named after a Polish town, is distilled 4 times and filtered 4 times using an activated carbon process and candle process, resulting in a clean, clear, and refined vodka. This craft potato vodka is gluten free, with aromas and tasting notes of bread crust, nuts, and grain. LVOV has a medium body that is both dry and fruity, as well as a tingly medium long finish. Finishing notes include sweet cream, vanilla fondant, and chalk. Amazing in martinis, LVOV is both budget friendly and high quality.

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