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No Better Gift Than Booze: TIPXY Corporate Gifting

Zig Ziglar, famous salesman, author, and WWII veteran states the reason for corporate gifting succinctly:

"You don't build the business. You build people, and then people build the business."

Every good business owner knows there's nothing more important than a positive corporate culture and meaningful inter-business and client relationships.

tipxy corporate gifting

Corporate gifting, when done right, can make all the difference, showing members, partners, and stakeholders in your company how valued they are. It goes without saying that making your the people who invest in and work for your company feel cared for, special, and essential with an awesome gift from your company is not just important, but a necessity.

Corporate gifting around the holidays is pretty standard, for clients, employees, partners, or potential clients and partners. It's also appropriate give a gift in celebration of a company wide achievement, national holidays, or to surprise your employees with a gift just because they work hard and deserve it!

Where and How to Find the Right Corporate Gift

Well... if you're looking for something relatively high-end, that people will enjoy, won't break the bank, has the potential to be custom, and won't involve a ton of annoying details- TIPXY Corporate Gifting is the option for you!

tipxy corporate gifting

You can always go with the old classics, and make your corporate gift a mug, jacket, or blanket. But let's face it- a mug with the company logo as your corporate gift is not very likely to make anyone feel special. Mugs are extremely forgettable, as well as overdone and kind of boring.

That's why it's time to elevate your corporate gifting game with a gift that screams unique-ness, luxury, and connection: a custom bottle of craft booze. Whether your choice is wine, whiskey, or more unique options like sotol, absinthe, or RTD cocktails, craft wine and spirits fulfills all the corporate gift requirements. 

What Makes A Good Corporate Gift?

Who doesn't feel good when they get a gift that's thoughtful, exciting, and unique? Corporate gifts, no matter who they're going to, aim to foster connection and loyalty to your company.

A nice pen is nice, but just that. It's not exciting, it doesn't bring along with it a sense of wonder, and it's not something the recipient looks forward to trying. No one feels as though sincere thought and effort was put into their gift when it's a pen, mug, or blanket.

camus cognac making a man and woman happy

A customized bottle or box of craft liquor from TIPXY, however, stands out in a sea of sameness. Focusing on small businesses, the TIPXY platform enables small craft distilleries and wineries to spread their magic across America, allowing people everywhere to sip something new.

With a bottle not found in the average liquor store, you send the message to your clients, partners, stakeholders, and company employees that they're worth the effort of a unique gift to be treasured instead of trashed. 

Why Choose TIPXY For Corporate Gifting?

When it comes to corporate gifting, TIPXY doesn't just set the bar; they are the bar.

In addition to being a unique luxury option that supports small businesses, TIPXY has multiple customizable options, catering to you and your company's specific needs in the world of corporate gifting.

tipxy corporate gifting

  • Exceptional Engraving

    • Get your corporate gifts personalized with laser engraving anywhere on the bottles- an ideal option for branding gifts or adding a personal touch.
  • Devoted Customer Service 

    • TIPXY's dedicated Corporate Gifting Team assists with creating a remarkable experience for your clients, employees, and corporate events, ensuring everything suits your needs and matches your vision.
  • Seamless Bulk Orders

    • Whether you're planning an office celebration or sending gifts across the country, TIPXY takes care of all the details efficiently, seamlessly, and with no hassle.
  • Kosher Corporate Gifts

    • Looking for a kosher corporate gift so that all of your employees can enjoy, regardless of religious affiliation? Let the Corporate Gifting Team know, and they'll ensure your bottles are kosher. 

Check out the Kosher section on TIPXY for a listing of kosher bottles.

Chat with the TIPXY Corporate Gifting Team today to learn more or place your order. Cheers!

company holiday party with tipxy alcohol

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