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The Mystery of Moonshine at Murder Creek Distillery

The Mystery of Moonshine at Murder Creek Distillery

With the goal of creating "‘shine sparkling like the creek’s waters, and smoother than a calm gulf wave," Murder Creek Distillery is known for its quality moonshine with a wide array of flavors, unique bottles, and an authentic southern spirit. 

Murder Creek distillery

The Background of Murder Creek Distillery 

 Murder Creek Distillery was created in 2019 by two sets of father son pairs: Dan Matthews, Stephen Matthews, Freddie McCall, and Micha McCall. Murder Creek Distillery is located in Riverview, Alabama, and has a second location as of 2021 in the coastal resort area of downtown OWA, Alabama. 

Murder Creek Distillery is a hardcore craft moonshine making business, with all of the distillery's equipment being designed and built by the founders. All the Murder Creek Moonshine products are distilled, bottled, mixed, and labeled on-site, and they pride themselves on creating a consumer experience that can't be found elsewhere.

One look at their bottles of 'shine and you'll know you've gone something unique in front of you! 

Murder Creek distillery moonshine with murder Creek in the background

How Did Murder Creek in Alabama Get Its Name? 

Murder Creek locals founded Murder Creek Distillery... but why is Murder Creek called Murder Creek? 

Like all good names, there's some history and a dramatic story behind it. Murder Creek was known as Aloochahatcha Creek up until just after the Revolutionary War. In 1788, Colonel Kirkland and his men were heading towards Florida and stopped at Colonel McGillivray's house on the Coosa River. 

 Murder creek colonel Kirkland

They left the Colonel's residence and camped the following night near a creek- soon to be Murder Creek. They thought they were safe, with their bags under their heads and their guns right next to them. However, a group of three men with bad intentions were traveling in the other direction and passed Colonel Kirkland and his men. 

These men were all famous- or infamous, rather. Nicknamed Istillicha, or "man-slayer," the first man was a known murderer. The second man was a fugitive of the States for murderous crimes, nicknamed "Cat" due to his ferociousness, and the third was a blood-thirsty man named Bob. They waited until midnight, when Colonel Kirkland and his men were sound asleep, and then they ambushed the sleeping camp to get the silver they carried. 

Three men skulking in the shadows  1788

They grabbed the guns carried by Kirkland's men and killed every last one of them, dividing up the loot following the murders. Once he heard what had happened, Colonel McGillivray sent men to capture the three outlaws, but only  Cat could be found. He was taken back to the original scene of the crime and shot. Ever since all of these awful murders were committed on its shores, Aloochahatcha has been called Murder Creek.

murder creek moonshine flavors in jars

Buy Online: Murder Creek Moonshine 

The story may be tragic, but the moonshine sure is good!

Murder Creek is located in Alabama, which is awesome if you live in Alabama near Riverview or OWA. If you live anywhere else in America- not so awesome. 

Thankfully TIPXY is here, helping you sip something new with a bottle of 'shine wherever you are! 9 unique Murder Creek Moonshine flavors are available to buy online in 48 states on It's not too late to order some Murder Creek Moonshine for Halloween! Learn more about each flavor below. 

 Alabama apple pie moonshine
Pecan praline pie moonshine murder Creek distillery
Banana pudding jar moonshine murder Creek distillery
Orange dreamsicle moonshine murder Creek distillery orange jar
Cotton candy moonshine blue jar murder Creek distillery
Coconut cream moonshine jar murder Creek
Murder Creek 151 high proof moonshine
Dixie Dizzy Pickle Moonshine Murder Creek Distillery
Hot shot moonshine murder Creek distillery Alabama

Murder Creek Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe

Bloody Mary Moonshine Cocktail with murder Creek in the background

  • 2.5 oz Murder Creek Dixie Dizzy Pickle Moonshine 
  • 2.5 oz Murder Creek Hot Shot Moonshine
  • 2 oz tomato juice
  • .25 oz hot sauce
  • dash of garlic 


  • Fill a 12 oz highball glass with ice. 
  • Pour all ingredients over the ice.
  • Garnish with whatever you please! Some suggestions are bacon, shrimp, or a Dixie Dizzy Pickle Spear. Enjoy! sip something new logo
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