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The Top 5 Whiskey Bottle Designs

The Top 5 Whiskey Bottle Designs

1. Rustic, Elegant, & Debonair

The Bottle

Designed by a glass artist, the H. Deringer Bourbon Whiskey decanter combines elegance with a rustic flair. The rope at the bottleneck and engraved metal add a touch of personality to the smooth sophisticated bottle, while the curved bottle adds a unique twist and gives the bottle some presence. 

The Gift Set

While the bourbon bottle is pretty fabulous on its own, the gift set is sold on TIPXY for $129.99 and includes a wood-toned case as well as an artfully designed gun shaped cork stopper. The full set is a clear collector's item, as the bottle, cork stopper, and classy case complement each other for a stately, rustic, and handsome display. 

2. Simple & Sophisticated

The Woodford Reserve - Baccarat Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a collectors item, and with it's sleek and unique bottle, it's a work of art as well. The glass bottom combined with the smooth and edgy lines on this bottle lend a beautiful air of simplicity, elegance, and luxury. The Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition is sold on for $2,435.99, and the understated grace of this bottle will subtely draw the attention of any room. 

3. Sporty & Smooth

A showstopper in a different way, the Cooperstown Distillery - Elite Edition Canton Distillery Bourbon Whiskey is hand-signed by Jonathan Ogden and a stunning work of football art. The warm whiskey brown bourbon color enhances the design, while the clear bottom stand and textured cork put it all together for a football and bourbon lover's dream. An incredibly unique and elegant in a sporty way, this bottle can be bought online at for just $148.99, with free shipping. 

4. Feisty, Fierce, and Female

Not a bottle you see in just everyone's liquor cabinet, the Yamato Japanese Whisky Mizunara Oak Cask Lady Tomoe Edition bottle is shaped to represent the woman it's named after. Lady Tomoe Gozen was allegedly the most feared female samurai in Japanese history, and as they say, "as ruthless as she was beautiful." This bottle is a symbol of female strength in a premium Japanese whisky filled warrior-shaped bottle.  Get the unique Yamato Whisky Lady Tomoe Edition online at for $171.99 and free shipping. 

5.  Scientific & Sealed

The HVEN Hvenus Rye Whisky from the Spirit of Hven Distillery is a buoyant, vibrant, and high quality bottle if you're looking for something different with a touch of sophistication. The Spirit of Hven Distillery manages to make the beaker shape look elegant and unique, with a chic wax seal on each bottle to add some flair. The Hvenus Rye Whisky can be found online at for $83.99.

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