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Slopes and Spirits: The Alpine Distilling Story

Slopes and Spirits: The Alpine Distilling Story

"The mountains are calling and I must go," said John Muir, creator of the National Park System. He's not the only one that mountains held an appeal for: Rob and Sara Sergent, founders of Alpine Distilling, made their home and consequently, their business, at an elevation somewhere between 7 and 10 thousand feet.

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By PeteysHead - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Where is Alpine Distillery?

Park City, Utah, is mostly known for its impressive skiing. What many don't know is that there's quite an impressive craft distillery there as well: Alpine Distilling, a unique craft spirits brand boasting award-winning Alpine gin, whiskey, and liqueur

Alpine Distilling is not just any small batch distillery, but rather a craft distillery that defines itself by it's "distilling & aging expertise, best-in-class flavors, and a keen awareness of use in cocktails." Sara and Rob Sergent incorporate their community's values of adventurousness, innovation, and authenticity into Alpine Distilling business practices and spirits. 

Alpine Distilling owners, Rob and Sara Sergent, distill spirits processes rooted in rich history as much as they're rooted in sustainability for the future.

Who Owns Alpine Distillery?

Power couple and co-founders Rob and Sara Sergent, pictured above, each brought their background and talents to the Alpine Distilling team. They met and married in New Orleans and later moved to Park City, opening Alpine Distilling. Rob makes the whiskey, drawing from his upbringing growing corn in a rural area in Kentucky, while Sara, a botanical distiller by trade with a degree in Gin from Edinburgh and the Royal Botanical Gardens, creates the gin and botanically based spirits. 

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The Alpine Whiskeys

Rob incorporates flavors, aromas, and aging choices that come from his background in Kentucky, using only the best American grown grains. Alpine Distilling Whiskey is made using an American pot still and aged in American Oak barrels, with two unique mash bills and barrels toasted and charred to Rob and Alpine Distilling's tastes for each bottle. 

The Alpine Botanical Spirits

Sara's gin making motto is "proof, pressure, and speed," which creates the award winning Alpine Distilling Gin and Alpine Distilling Botanical Spirits. She sources a wide range of botanicals from various countries around the world, including Egypt, Croatia, France, Guatemala, and India. The flavors all join together in a beautiful blend, which along with Sara's 100% vapor extraction technique result in unrivaled botanically based spirits.  

Alpine Distilling Products You Can Buy Online

The Alpine Distilling partnership with has allowed for their premium award-winning spirits to be available online, with shipping to 48 states and free on orders over $99. 

Elevated Gin

alpine distilling gin

Preserve Liqueur

preserve liqueur alpine distilling bottle

Lafayette Spiced Bourbon Whiskey

lafayette bourbon alpine distillery

AngeVerte Herbal Liqueur

angeverte herbal liqueur alpine distilling

Utah Straight Bourbon Whiskey

utah straight bourbon alpine spirits

Triple Oak Whiskey

triple oak alpine distilling whiskey

4 Grain Bourbon Whiskey

4grain bourbon alpine distilling
alpine distilling distillery

Community, Environment, and Sustainability

According to TownLift Park City News, Alpine Distilling’s founding philosophy is “To bring curated spirits that echo the passion of our mountain community to discerning palettes around the world.” 

One thing both Rob and Sara have in common is their action based commitment to community and the environment. Preserve Liqueur donates a portion of proceeds to Swaner Nature Preserve’s mission to “Preserve, Educate, Nurture,” while a portion of the Alpine Persistant Vodka goes to Utah Olympic Park programs.

Alpine Distilling has been named business of the Year 2022 by Recycle Utah and was awarded the Utah Green Business Award 2021 by Utah Business and Rocky Mountain Power. Alpine Distilling also donates to Recycle Utah, EATS Park City, and Park City Education Foundation. 

Cheers to craft distilleries that care!


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