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Rockhopper Rum... But Why The Angry Penguin?

Rockhopper Rum... But Why The Angry Penguin?

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Rockhopper Rum: The Story

The Belgian Spirit Rockhopper Rum is named for the penguin species of the same name, the southern rockhopper penguins. Rockhopper penguins are one of the smallest penguin species, only weighing between 5 and 10 pounds, but size isn't everything. Rockhoppers are known for their awesome hair and living near volcanoes, making them way cooler than most other penguins.

The inspiration for the Rockhopper Rum name came from the rockhopper penguins' natural environment, and the way it mirrors a bold and fiery rum on the rocks. "Its natural habitat is... on the rocks, between the ice and the water," with the "volcanic aspect in turn reflect[ing] the fiery spirit of the rum." 

rockhopper penguin

Photo Credits: Brian Gratwicke

Not only that, but rockhopper penguins have been proven to be extremely loyal to each other, the same way Rockhopper Rum won't abandon you when you really need a sip. As the back of the Rockhopper Rum bottle says, 

I may be one of the smallest species,
but don’t be mistaken: I am fierce.

Let me be your friend.
Even though I might be bold, I am pure.
And I will never cheat on you.

Meet me on the rocks.

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Rockhopper Rum Blend

Rockhopper Rum puts an emphasis on the pure rum flavors, and although Rockhopper Rum is made in Belgium, it incorporates rum from Panama, the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala. The blend is unique, with those multiple countries of origin helping create the Rockhopper Rum unique flavor profiles. All the rums blended to form Rockhopper were aged at least 5 years in "ex-bourbon barrels," which give it a nice and clear golden hue.

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Tasting Notes 

Rockhopper Rum comes in an aesthetically pleasing opaque white speckled bottle, with a rockhopper penguin winking at you from the front. Inside, however, the rum displays a golden brown color due to its aging process.

The nose is one of vanilla, banana, oak, and bourbon, while the palate contains notes of caramel, grilled pineapple, and sweet orange peel. 

Where To Buy Rockhopper Rum In The US

The 80 proof Belgian Rum can be bought online here at, an online distributer of craft wine and spirits, for only $41.99. 

What About Free Shipping?

Yes, for all orders over $99, shipping from Tipxy is completely free, making it the best priced online seller for most alcohol in the US. For orders under $99, Tipxy has a flat rate $14.99 shipping fee. 

You know it's time to add this pure and smooth Belgian Rum to your collection! Check out the Rockhopper Instagram video below for...

An Easy Rockhopper Rum Based Cocktail Recipe

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