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Om Organic Mixology Image and logo, featuring their chocolate liqueur and cold brew chocolate liqueur

Organic Mixology: Sustainability, Quality, and Flavor at its Finest

About Organic Mixology (OM)

OM, founded by experts in the field Jason Markarsh and Natalie Bovis, is all about quality ingredients, perfectly balanced flavors, and helping the natural environment. The award-winning Organic Mixology liqueurs are created in the OM Michigan Craft Distillery, using organic sugar cane distillate, organic extracts, essential oils, and agave nectar. As the name suggests, both the chocolate liqueur and cold brew chocolate liqueur are perfect for mixing.

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What Makes Organic Mixology Unique?

Organic Mixology creates organic, sustainable, and flavorful liqueurs that mix seamlessly into cocktails, without absorbing harmful additives, chemicals, or sweeteners.

They are a small craft brand describing themselves as eco-friendly and a sense of social responsibility, and prove it by giving back proceeds from OM Liqueur sales to Trees For the Future.

TFTF.jpgOM doesn't just stand for the Organic Mixology brand name, but also for Oceans and Mountains, which the brand is determined to help maintain and support through charitable donations, organizational efforts, and even personal contributions by the founders. The overall OM MO is to promote health, wellness, and the environment. 

OM Products Available on

Chocolate Liqueur

Cold Brew With Chocolate Liqueur 

cold brew with chocolate liqueur organic mixology can
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