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Host A Tipxy Party This Holiday Season

Host A Tipxy Party This Holiday Season

Tipxy Tasting Parties are a unique experience that gives anyone the ability to discover craft spirits and wines. Having a craft spirit or artisanal wine tasting party is a great way to reconnect with friends, create meaningful memories, and discover something new and unique at the same time!

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Sounds intriguing? We'll walk you through your Tipxy Party hosting experience from start to finish!

Step #1: Sign Up

First things first, sign up for the booze. Complete the event registration form here, and receive 4 free bottles of high quality craft spirits or wine to enjoy at your Tipxy Party. Every month there is a new selection, and with quality pictures and reviews, there's no limit to how many monthly parties Tipxy will sponsor. 

 Sounds too good to be true? 

Nope, it's really that easy. There are no hidden fees and no cost for all 4 bottles. All Tipxy asks is that you make sure participants are 21 or older, 5-10 wine or spirit enthusiasts attend the party, and that you document your Tipxy Party experience with pictures, videos, and reviews! But we'll get to all that later.

how to host a tipxy party

Step #2. Plan Your Party

Once you complete your event registration form and it's been accepted, it's time to plan your Tipxy Party. Planning a tasting event can be a daunting task, but you got this!

Everyone who is accepted to host a Tipxy Party gets a host guide, which tells you everything you need to know about hosting a tasting event and answers all of your party planning questions. 

Who should I invite?

  • Anyone and everyone, provided they are 21 or older and like to drink! Tipxy Tasting Holiday Parties can be fun for anyone, especially those that appreciate diversity and the value in new experiences. 
  • Make sure there are at least 5 people at your Tipxy Tasting Party, but the more the merrier, especially during holiday season.

    What should I prepare before the party starts?

    • Your Tipxy wine or spirit bottles- can't forget those!
    • Glasses, shot glasses, or small plastic cups for tasting.
    • Glasses of water- so no one gets dehydrated.
    • Unflavored dry crackers to clean the palate in between spirits.
    • Small & light hors d'oeuvres for snacking- these are up to you, but we'll get to some suggestions for food pairings soon.
    • Juice, soda, fruit, bitters, ice, or garnishes, if you're planning on making it a cocktail party.
    • Holiday festivities! Optional, of course, but highly recommended!

    food pairings for spirits

    I don't know anything about food pairings, what food should I serve?

    • There's no way to know exactly which foods would pair the best with the alcohol at your party, as Tipxy sends out different spirits each month, but there are some more general rules to keep in mind about food pairings.
    • Get creative, have fun, and keep in mind that good food pairings are either similar in tasting notes and volume to the drink, or complement it through contrast. Here are some ideas, but you can come up with your own!

    White Wine and Light Citrus Spirit Food Pairings

    • Seafood and white meat pair well with many white wines, especially those with citrus notes, but lighter and more citrusy spirits can go also well with seafood and lighter meats. For example, a citrusy gin and tonic likely would go well with a light herbed lemon grilled sea bass. 

    Red Wine Food Pairings

    • Red wine, as many are familiar with, pairs well with red meats, strong cheese, or richer dishes.

    Tequila Food Pairings

    • Tequila, especially anejo, pairs well with similar foods to lighter red wines because of the earthy and deep flavors, so pork or seasoned shellfish would be a good match.
    • Blanco tequila in particular can go well with saltier foods, so you can try it with chips and guac or other snacks on the saltier side. 

    Cognac Food Pairings

    • Cognac is known for its complexity, and its oak flavors, spice, and touch of sweetness stemming from grapes. This makes it pair well with red meats and sharp cheeses.
    • A rich cognac may be a good match for a steak or some cheddar cheese. 

    Whiskey and Bourbon Food Pairings

    • Whiskey and bourbons pair well with desserts, and the caramel and vanilla notes that are often present in darker whiskey and bourbon bring out the sweetness and dessert flavors. For example, Irish Whiskey with some ice cream pairs well, as well as a dark smokey bourbon with some chocolate mousse. 

    Vodka, Soju, and Gin Food Pairings

    • Vodka, soju, and gin, especially when unflavored, are all more versatile, and can be served with many different types of dishes. 

      How do I set up the party?

      • Here are some holiday decorating ideas, but there's no right way to do this! Get creative or stay simple, whatever feels right.
        holiday drinking party ideas
        • Some inspiration from previous Tipxy Tasting Parties:
        • drinking party setup
          • tipxy tasting party setup
          • tipxy tasting party setup

            Blind or brand tasting?

              • That's up to you! Do you want everyone at your party to know what they're drinking? Or for them to sip and review with no knowledge of what's in the glass? It's all dependent on what you decide.
              • Blind tastings keep it exciting and mysterious, and you’ll sometimes find that people will unknowingly prefer a cheaper spirit to a more expensive one!
              • Known brand tastings are good for comparing premium brands against one another, such as a selection of 15 year Scotches or fine Cognacs versus Armagnacs. 

            Step #3: Party Time!

            What's my role as the Tipxy Party Host?

              • Your main job as host is to introduce each bottle! Tipxy provides information on each spirit or wine that's sent, as well as a spirit observation guide, so hosting a craft discovery tasting party has never been easier! 
              • See the video below for a snapshot of a Tipxy Party host introducing the Gene's Spiced Rum at a party in his home:
                Video edited on Kapwing
              • You can print the brand information and the tasting guide for each person, or just one to share.
              • Sending these over electronically can work too if you don't have a printer! 
              • Watch the video below for an example of one month's Tipxy Party Collection and the Tasting Guide:

            How does the tasting process work?

                • Pour one spirit at a time and pass a glass to each guest.
                • Everyone can follow along on their own tasting guide shown in the video above, or you can all do it together.
                • As you progress through this process, allow your guests plenty of time to take notes, then open the discussion of each step before going to the next.
                • Begin by observing the appearance of the spirit; its color, opacity.
                • Swirl the liquid around in the glass and observe its legs and thickness. This motion will also intensify the spirit's aroma.
                • Hold the glass under your nose and, with your mouth open, inhale the fragrance. What do you smell?
              Tasting Notes
                • Take your first sip and allow the liquid to slowly enter your mouth. Note the feel and taste of this initial entry.
                • Allow the liquid to sit on your tongue, swirl it around inside your mouth and analyze the flavors and feel of the spirit. Is it silky, smooth, warm?
                • Swallow and take note of the feel, heat, and flavor.
                • Notice how long the taste stays with you. Does it last a long time or is it short?


                • To fully understand and analyze each spirit, you may want to repeat this process a few times. With each sip, you'll notice smells and tastes you may have missed the first time.

              Mixed Drink Options

                • You can also try each liquor as a mixed cocktail if you'd like to, and see how it mixes with juice, soda, or anything else. Get creative with your recipes or click here for suggestions!  You can also check out our post, Halloween Drinks For Adults: 5 Recipes For the Scariest Halloween Cocktails, for some creepy Halloween-specific cocktail ideas.

              Step #4: Post-Party

              What are the picture, video, and review requirements for a Tipxy Tasting Party?

              • Take lots of pictures! Make sure to include at least one picture with or of each of the four bottles.
              • Ensure there are at least 5 social media posts, one from each person. Be sure to tag Tipxy! Use #TipxyParty #Tipxy #TipxyTaster 
              • Leave at least 5 product reviews for each bottle on, one from each person.
              • It's preferable to record one video for each bottle as well, of tasting, reviewing, and capturing the feel of your unique craft discovery experience. 
              • Take the post party survey right away here, and upload your media! 
              • Future events are dependent on the amount of quality content and reviews generated, so don't miss anything!

                Some Examples of Tipxy Approved Pictures, Videos, and Reviews:

                • mezcal drink tipxy party collections
                • queen of fean tipxy tasting party

                Still have questions? 

                For questions specifically related to hosting a Tipxy Tasting Party, email, and don't forget to check us out on Instagram!

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